13 characteristics of smart people

If you often doubt your own intelligence, in this article we bring you various reasons to trust your skills again. From Brightside magazine 13 intelligence symptoms are pointed out based on various scientific studies.

intelligence is about the faculty of the mind that allows us to learn, understand, reason, make decisions and form a certain idea of ​​reality. Sometimes we doubt ours, but there are very different ways of delving into it and elucidating whether we are intelligent, although it is true that its measurement is complex, it is not restricted exclusively to the IQ and that there are various types of intelligences based on multiple model developed by Howard Gardner, such as musical, logical-mathematical, spatial or corporal-kinetic intelligence.

Next, we show you some signs and evidence that can help you know that you are smarter than you think a priori and know the degree to which you have developed some kind of intelligence. Some have to do with your genetics, your childhood habits, your feelings or your physique. Pay attention!

13 intelligence indicators you should know

  • You took music lessons: Numerous studies show that learning to play a musical instrument helps children’s development. Specifically, one of them carried out by Canadian researchers reveals that the verbal intelligence of children between 4 and 6 years of age increases after just one month of musical training.
  • You are the older brother of the family: This interesting research suggests that the older ones in a family have moderately higher but significant IQ advantages compared to their younger brothers and sisters. This may be one of the reasons for its success.
  • Your waist: In 2006, unusual research published in the journal Neurology was conducted that revealed an interesting connection: the bigger a person’s waist, the lower their cognitive abilities. According to other research, 11-year-olds who score low on tests are more inclined to obesity at the age of 40.
  • You were breastfed with breast milk: Scientists from Britain and New Zealand studied 3,000 children and found that those who were breastfed as infants received almost 7 points more on coefficient tests than those who were not. The research only applied to children who had a certain type of gene, although the exact mechanism that determines the relationship between that gene and breastfeeding is still unknown.
  • You love to read from childhood: Do you have memories of reading that go back to your early days? Chances are you’re very smart, especially if your love for books started when you were still in diapers. Research looked at 2,000 pairs of twins: Babies who learned to read earlier scored higher on tests performed by adults. The study authors point out that reading from an early age improves a person’s verbal and non-verbal skills.
  • Are you left-handed: Research shows that left-handed people they are inclined towards divergent thinking, a form of creative thinking that is used to solve problems and tasks. In this way, left-handed people often stand out for their creativity and disruptive solutions to get out of difficult situations.
  • You worry often: Other studies suggest that people who often show more concern about things may be smarter than those who don’t. It could be that this is because they are always thinking about the possible consequences of their actions and, therefore, they try to make sure that everything goes as well as possible.
  • You are a tall person: Research carried out at Princeton University showed that tall children study better than their peers, and when they reach adulthood they end up earning more money.
  • You have a great sense of humor: In case you didn’t know, humor and high intelligence are closely connected. A study carried out with a sample of 400 students carried out an intelligence test, after which they had to come up with funny subtitles for cartoon scenes. Indeed, the funniest and witty ones belonged to the students with a higher coefficient.
  • Your curiosity stands out: A professor of business psychology at this University of London concluded that curiosity is an important characteristic in intelligent people. Curious people have a more refined way of thinking and, in the long term, they are interested in discovering new things and developing their intellect.
  • You are a perfectionist: Smart people are generally perfectionists. They are never really satisfied with the way things are or the end of projects: their life is a constant work in progress.
  • You are a night owl: This research reveals that people who love being awake at night generally have a better intellect than early risers. The ability to work and be creative at night may be due to the intention to expand the limits of your abilities.
  • You write messy: Creative disorder is an established concept, around which there is research that claims that it serves as a kind of “fuel” for those with a creative nature. Messy writing is one of its symptoms.

This article was published in TICbeat by Andrea Núñez-Torrón Stock.

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