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House Intelligence Chair Comments On How The Wagner Group Rebellion “Hurts” Putin

House Intelligence Chair Comments On How The Wagner Group Rebellion “Hurts” Putin (Photo: Ohio Capital Journal)

House Intelligence Chair Rep. Mike Turner stated that the Wagner rebellion makes President Putin look “weak”.

The Wagner group (Photo: New America)

Wagner Group Hurting Putin’s Leadership

Last Sunday, House Intelligence Chair Rep. Mike Turner commented on the ongoing rebellion of the Wagner mercenary group. He stated that the current rebellion makes President Putin look weak amidst the current war in Ukraine. He added that the rebellion could “really hurt” Putin and that this could tarnish his leadership in Russia and his position overall as its president. Turner stated on “Face the Nation” last Sunday.

Turner stated that the conflict between Putin and Yevgeny Prigozhin, Wagner’s Chief, was predictable since Prigozhin is a known critic of Putin and the entire Russian government. Turner declared that Prigozhin criticized “Putin’s war” that NATO was not the cause of the ongoing war and Nazis do not exist in Ukraine.

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Wagner Group’s Actions Against Russia

Just last week, Prigozhin led a rebellion with the goal of driving out the military leaders of Russia, saying that they carelessly handled the ongoing war with Ukraine. Fighters from Wagner were successful in seizing a Russian HQ located in Rostov-on-don, the headquarters that serves as the lead base against Ukraine.

The group was advancing toward Moscow but was recalled after a truce between Putin and Prigozhin was announced. Putin then labeled the rebellion as “treason” and that its leaders would suffer punishment. According to a spokesman from Kremlin, Prigozhin will be free from any charges and will move to Belarus. Turner added that Prigozhin said on national TV that the Russian government lied to its people.

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