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UN Human Rights Office Denounces the Killing of 2 Indigenous Residents on Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast

The UN Human Rights Office in the service of oppressed people (Photo: UN News - the United Nations)

The Indigenous natural reserve, Bosawas in Nicaragua (Photo: Ignition)

The UN Human Rights Office Displeased the Fall of the two (2) Nicaraguan Indigent Residents

The UN Human Rights Office criticized the killings of two (2) innocent people on the indigent coast of Nicaragua.

Also, the UN Human Rights Office urged the government to pursue the culprits and provide justifiable punishments and any means necessary for their capture and detention.

The government did not respond yet to the callings of the UN Human Rights Office.

In the social media platforms of the UN Human Rights Office, it has been stated that the population in that area has been greatly devastated by the recent violence they experienced.

People were very terrified by the fact that they can not trust their own people so as the government with this merciless assassination, UN Human Rights Office claims.

The violence happened in the Bosawas nature reserve which was set in order to protect the indigenous people and their natural environment. Unfortunately, this area was also a victim of illegal mining and logging.

In the Nicaragua coast, these killings often left penalized due to the idea that the people were former soldiers.

In line with this, the UN Human Rights Office clearly yearns for the executive body to further perform serious investigations and take necessary actions to secure justice for the families of the victims.

The unfateful event costs the lives of Sergio Julián and Serato Juwith Charly, who were former park wardens and proud members of the Mayagna Sauni condemned heavily by the UN Human Rights Office. They also work in the nature reserve and inhabit the area.

Sergio Julián and Serato Juwith Charly, killed in the nature reserve in Nicaragua (Photo: Twitter)

The tribal communities of the two (2) fallen, Mayangna and Miskito, have experienced multiple attacks and gun violence in recent years killing members and leaders of Indigenous people.

About 60% of the Mayangna’s jurisdiction has been seized by a number of 5,000 immigrants superseding the 3,000 Indigenous inhabitants who need protection according to the Del Rio Foundation.

According to a local resident and activist, the government headed by Daniel Ortega has not done satisfactorily to protect the natural reserve and the jungle region. Also, His administration contradicts this statement.

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