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Sex Trafficking Charges faced by a minuscule 26-year-old graduate after enrolling as a high school student in Nebraska, Authorities Claim

Mugshot of Zachary Scheich (Photo: Law and Crime)

Lincoln Public Schools, the school where Zak Hess enrolled as a high school student to commit sex trafficking (Photo: Concrete Industries)

Sexual assault and sex trafficking faced by a small and thin man in Nebraska

According to a published article from Law&Crime, a 26-year-old guy, who is short and thin at 5 feet 4 and 120 pounds, and who looks to have blended in with high school kids, is accused of sex trafficking after allegedly impersonating a 17-year-old junior at two high schools in the state capital of Nebraska, according to authorities.

According to a news release from the Lincoln Police Department, Zachary Scheich, also known as Zak Hess, is accused of three felonies: two counts of sexual assault, using an electronic device, and one act of sex trafficking of a juvenile.

The case on sex trafficking was discovered on June 1 when police opened a fraud investigation after being notified by Lincoln Public Schools about a student named Zak Hess, according to officials.

The suspect on sex trafficking attended school for roughly 54 days overall before graduating from Lincoln Public Schools in 2015, says the authorities.

He allegedly made contact with several pupils using a false name. According to ABC Omaha affiliate KETV, in one instance, he allegedly exchanged sexually explicit texts, attempted to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex, and gave her money to send him a nude selfie.

According to authorities, Scheich, suspect of sex trafficking was detained on Thursday in a public library.

Zak Hess’ strategy in order to commit sex trafficking

According to a published report from USA Today, “He went to school and took classes as a student. In a news conference, Assistant Chief Brian Jackson remarked, “That was the original investigation. And as the investigation went on, we discovered more interactions he had with young pupils.

According to a police arrest affidavit, he allegedly admitted to pretending to be a student and sending sexually graphic communications but denied sexually assaulting the victims.

Authorities requested anyone who dealt with Scheich or who may have been a victim of sex trafficking to come forward as they were questioning other possible victims to ascertain the magnitude of the crime.

Zak Hess from Nebraska (Photo: KOLN)

He enrolled online, according to school officials, using “well-crafted swindling documents,” which prompted them to look into the procedure.

He was also told not to communicate with anyone who is younger than 18, according to a court order issued on Friday on his sex trafficking case, according to KETV.

On Saturday, it wasn’t apparent if he had a lawyer.


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