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Police are searching for Geraldo Rojas, who Escaped Custody in Yonkers

Police is under search operation to locate the whereabouts of the escaped prisoner, Geraldo Rojas. (Photo: ABC News)

Authorities are now going on their search operation as the prisoner named Gerardo Rojas, who was accused of robbery, escaped custody in Yonkers. The police are on their way to locate Rojas.

Geraldo Rojas Escaped custody of his alleged robbery crime. (Photo: Yonkers Police Department)

Gerardo Rojas was detained because of an alleged robbery crime, and the investigators are currently searching for Rojas and the persons that might have been involved in his escape. Authorities say the officers who were involved in this incident have been suspended.

Escaped Prisoner in Yonkers Police

On Sunday morning, while at St. Joseph’s Medical Center, the prisoner departed the area. The search for Geraldo Rojas, who escaped from Yonkers police custody, is currently a top priority for the police and other agencies. The aforementioned individual who was in custody was charged with robbery.

In order to determine how Geraldo Rojas fled the Yonkers area, the authorities are conducting a thorough investigation. Those responsible for Rojas’ escape will be subject to internal disciplinary action.

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Report Immediately to the Authorities of Geraldo Rojas’ Whereabouts

According to a Fox News piece that was recently published, the Yonkers Police Department is helping the Westchester County Department of Public Safety find Rojas.

The police officers advise everyone to contact the authorities right away if they have any information regarding Geraldo Rojas’ whereabouts.

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