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Newly Discovered Comet: The Green Comet, Nishimura, Makes Its Way Through The Solar System

Newly Discovered Comet: The Green Comet, Nishimura, Makes Its Way Through The Solar System|

Astrophotographers around the world have been capturing stunning images of Comet Nishimura aka as the Green comet as it travels through the solar system.

Newly Discovered Comet: The Green Comet, Nishimura, Makes Its Way Through The Solar System|BBC

The Green comet was named after its discoverer Hideo Nishimura, an amateur astronomer from Japan, using a Canon DSLR camera.

The discovery of the Green comet is a significant accomplishment as most comets are now found using automated telescopes.

Over the past few weeks, people have been following the Green comet’s progress and taking impressive photos. The Green comet is approaching its closest point to Earth on Sept. 12 and will reach its closest approach to the sun, known as perihelion, on Sept. 17.

Notable comet hunter Michael Jäger and other astrophotographers, such as Stuart Atkinson and Lorenzo Di Cola, have also taken beautiful photos of the Green comet.

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The Green comet is currently traveling at 240,000 miles per hour, is making its closest approach to Earth.

The Green comet can be seen in the hour after sunset and hour before dawn by looking east-north-east, with peak visibility expected next week when it is 78 million miles away, Daily Mail says.

Comets like the Green comet are only visible once every decade. Scientists estimate that the size of the green comet could range from a few hundred meters to potentially a mile or two in diameter.

Although the Green comet poses no danger to Earth, it could be responsible for an annual meteor shower called the Sigma-Hydrids, Daily Mail added.

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