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Health Care Resources Expand Access to South and West Side Churches with New Kiosks


In a bid to bridge glaring health disparities in Chicago’s Black communities, a pioneering initiative is taking root within the sacred walls of local places of worship. The Faith 1 Network, in collaboration with the Patient Point Foundation, is set to launch an innovative digital health platform that aims to provide health care resources where people trust the most.

Health Care Resources Expand Access to South and West Side Churches with New Kiosks (Photo: Brewminate)

Faith-Based Health Care Resources

In a report published by ABC7 Chicago, in September 19, 2023,  a groundbreaking initiative aimed at bridging health care resources disparities in Black communities, the Faith 1 Network and the Patient Point Foundation have partnered to introduce digital health kiosks in places of worship across Chicago’s South and West sides. These innovative kiosks, strategically located in trusted sanctuaries, are designed to provide much-needed health care resources and  information and resources to underserved populations.

The move comes as part of a broader effort to enhance access to health care resources and change misconceptions about medical professionals within these communities. The digital health kiosks, a product of collaboration between Faith 1 Network and Patient Point Foundation, aim to empower individuals with valuable health care resources and information within the confines of their places of worship. From nutrition guidance to disease management and mental health resources, these kiosks offer a wealth of information for individuals and their loved ones.

Additionally, the initiative encourages church members to serve as community health care resources and ambassadors, ensuring that individuals receive the necessary guidance and assistance on their healthcare journeys. With health care resources brought closer to home, this initiative aims to reduce healthcare disparities and foster a healthier future for Chicago’s Black communities.

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Rolling Out Health Care Resources to Congregations

In a recent development featured by Yahoo News, initially, five digital health kiosks will be installed in churches on the South and West sides, with plans to expand the program to more congregations in October. This ambitious project of extending health care resources, costing approximately $2,000 per kiosk, demonstrates a commitment to improving healthcare access for marginalized communities.

It’s a message of healing that extends beyond the pulpit, providing tangible resources to those in need. With nearly 2 million users already benefiting from this platform, the initiative has the potential to make a significant impact on health care resources outcomes and community well-being.

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