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September National Preparedness Month: Learn How Hands-Only CPR Can Be a Lifesaver

Photo: Harvard Health

As September National Preparedness Month draws to a close, the American Heart Association is urging individuals to equip themselves with a life-saving skill that can make all the difference in a health emergency.

September National Preparedness Month: Learn How Hands-Only CPR Can Be a Lifesaver (Photo: UK Now)

The Power of Hands-Only CPR: A Life-Saving Technique

In a recent report published by ABC30 News, in September 20, 2023, cardiac emergencies can strike anywhere and at any time, and being prepared to act swiftly is paramount. Dr. Robert Ferdman, Chief of Hospital Medicine at Kaiser Permanente in Fresno, emphasizes especially during September National Preparedness Month that hands-only CPR is a technique that everyone, regardless of age, should know. With over 356,000 cardiac arrests occurring outside hospitals each year, understanding how to perform CPR can mean the difference between life and death.

To commemorate September National Preparedness Month, the face of cardiac emergencies, knowing how to perform hands-only CPR is crucial. This technique, often set to the beat of the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive,” plays a pivotal role in stimulating the heart to ensure adequate blood flow and the protection of vital organs like the heart and brain. Dr. Ferdman assures that hearing the sternum crack during chest compressions, although alarming, signifies that the technique is being applied correctly.

September National Preparedness Month dives  into the significance of hands-only CPR, its simplicity, and how it has been instrumental in saving lives, reinforcing the importance of learning and practicing it during the September National Preparedness Month.

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Community Preparedness and Resources

According to the news released by Yahoo News, in line with the September National Preparedness Month is to encourage widespread preparedness, numerous organizations like the American Heart Association and the Red Cross offer valuable resources. These include instructional videos and classes designed to teach hands-only CPR, making it accessible for individuals to equip themselves with this life-saving skill.

Immediate action, like calling 911 and initiating chest compressions, can be the difference-maker until first responders arrive. By disseminating knowledge about hands-only CPR during September National Preparedness Month and beyond, communities can empower themselves to be the first line of defense in saving lives during cardiac emergencies.

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