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Shooting And Killing Suspect Is Being Manhunted By The U.S. Marshals

A federal manhunt is being done to find the suspect of shooting and killing in Balch Springs. (Photo: FOX 28)
A federal manhunt is being done to find the suspect of shooting and killing in Balch Springs. (Photo: FOX 28)

Shooting and killing suspect become the subject of a manhunt.

Federal manhunt order for a shooting and killing suspect. (Photo: AP News)

Federal manhunt order for shooting and killing suspect. (Photo: AP News)

Shooting And Killing Suspect Is Being Manhunted

The U.S. Marshals are currently on a federal manhunt for a 22-year-old man named John Edward Rivera, wanted for shooting and killing another man in Balch Springs, Texas three months ago. This is the first time law enforcement has acknowledged the shooting and killing incident and stated that they are looking for a suspect.

The victim, 39-year-old Bertin Albarran, was found dead after the shooting and killing scheme of the suspect on Lake June Road in Balch Springs after attending a party. Rivera, who lives at the house where the party took place, is the prime suspect in the shooting and killing, but his whereabouts remain unknown.

The Balch Springs Police Department has not shared much information about the shooting and killing, leaving the victim’s family with unanswered questions. Albarran’s family is devastated and hopes that no other family has to suffer as they did with the shooting and killing incident.

According to a published article by FOX 4 News Dallas-Forth Worth, the victim and the suspect have no criminal history. The U.S. Marshals are urging anyone with information on the shooting and killing suspect’s whereabouts to contact them.

Arrested After A Manhunt By The FBI

In a published article by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, 34-year-old Michael Burham was arrested by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies following a manhunt.

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