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Russia Nuclear Missiles in the Face of Escalating Tensions with the West, Putin’s Warning of Total Destruction

Putin delivers strong cautions regarding Russia's nuclear missiles, highlighting their preparedness and the potential exit from the nuclear test ban treaty amidst the ongoing Ukraine tensions and increasing apprehensions regarding nuclear capabilities. (Photo: independent)

Putin’s Warning and Russia Nuclear Missiles Posture in Ukraine Conflict

Putin’s fiery address includes stark warnings about Russia nuclear missiles, emphasizing their readiness and the potential withdrawal from the nuclear test ban treaty amid ongoing Ukraine tensions and rising concerns about nuclear capabilities. (Photo: nypost)

Russian President’s Warning, Putin Threatens Total Nuclear Destruction with Russia Nuclear Missiles

Accoding to dailymail, Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a warning to the West, threatening total nuclear destruction with Russia’s advanced nuclear missiles in the event of a strike against his country. Putin repeatedly mentioned the readiness of his ‘Satan-2’ and ‘Flying Chernobyl’ Russia nuclear missiles, asserting that no enemy would survive a retaliatory strike involving hundreds of Russia nuclear missiles.

However, it’s important to note that there has been no explicit threat of a first strike on Moscow from the West, and such rhetoric has mainly come from Russian officials and propagandists during the Ukraine conflict. Putin emphasized that threats against Russia are unacceptable and highlighted the country’s advancements in strategic weapons, including the ‘Satan-2’ and ‘Burevestnik’ Russia nuclear missiles.

He also hinted at the possibility of Russia withdrawing from the nuclear test ban treaty, potentially allowing for nuclear testing in the Arctic using Russia nuclear missiles. While Putin portrayed Russia as a defender against Western aggression, he refrained from ruling out the resumption of nuclear weapons testing with Russia nuclear missiles in the future.

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Escalating Tensions in Ukraine and Putin’s Impact on Global Geopolitics

The speech comes against continued hostilities in Ukraine, where Russia has targeted Ukrainian regions with missiles and drones, resulting in civilian casualties. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky attended a summit in Spain to seek support from European allies.

He condemned a recent Russian attack on a village in eastern Ukraine, which killed dozens of civilians due to missiles. Zelensky called for strengthened air defense, artillery and other forms of support to protect Ukraine from Russian aggression.

In the broader context, Putin’s speech underscores rising tensions between Russia and the West, with Ukraine serving as a focal point in the ongoing geopolitical struggle and the international community closely monitoring the situation while expressing concerns about Russia nuclear missiles.

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