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Cities In California: Great Weather But Not So Great Crime Rates

Cities in California where danger is always around the corner. (Photo: Travel in USA)
Cities in California where danger is always around the corner. (Photo: Travel in USA)

High violent and property crimes are present in these cities in California.

Watch out for these cities in California. (Photo: The Planet D)

Watch out for these cities in California. (Photo: The Planet D)

Dangerous Cities In California

Cities in California are known for their great weather and beautiful locations. But cities in California, despite the good weather, have both pros and cons.

Some cities in California are in the state of having high crime rates. This led to them being deemed as one of the most dangerous cities in the said state.

According to a published article by Budget Travel Buff, the most dangerous cities in California include Oakland, Anaheim, Stockton, and Susanville. Signal Hill, San Bernardino, Compton, Crescent City, Richmond, and Marysville are also some of the cities in California you should avoid.

Factors As To Why Some Cities In California Are Dangerous

In a published article by the Southwest Journal, the top three most dangerous cities in California to date are Emeryville, Oakland, and San Bernardino. These cities are said to have very high violent and property crime rates.

Factors such as poverty, lack of education, substance abuse, and mental health issues contribute to high crime rates in the cities in California.

Strategies such as community policing, investment in education and economic development, improving mental health and substance abuse services, and building strong partnerships with law enforcement and community organizations can help reduce crime rates and create safer communities.

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