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Israel and Hamas Conflict Blamed on United States by Putin

During an interview at a summit in Beijing, emphasized the need for respect in international relations between the two leaders, Biden and Putin, calling for mutual respect and cooperation. (Photo: newsweek)

Putin’s Accusation: U.S. Role in the Escalating Israel and Hamas Conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin has placed blame on the United States for the escalating Israel and Hamas conflict, citing it as evidence of the U.S.’s flawed Middle East policy. (Photo: reuters)

Putin’s Accusations and Calls for Peace Amid Israel and Hamas Conflict

According to the source, Russian President Vladimir Putin has publicly attributed blame for the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas to the United States characterizing it as a stark illustration of the United States’ failed Middle East policy.

During a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al-Sudani, Putin accused the U.S. of attempting to dominate the regulation of the Israel and Hamas conflict while disregarding the need to find compromises acceptable to both parties. He criticized the U.S. for pursuing its own ideas on how to handle the Israel and Hamas situation and pressuring both sides without considering the fundamental interests of the Palestinian people.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov in a statement on Monday emphasized the importance of achieving a peaceful resolution to the Israel and Hamas conflict as swiftly as possible. The conflict, which has resulted in a significant and rising death toll, has raised concerns that it may divert Western support away from Ukraine.

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Ukrainian President’s Concerns and Russian Response Regarding Israel and Hamas Conflict

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy echoed these concerns on Monday and accused Russian propagandists. Zelenskyy suggested that Russia’s interests may involve instigating an Israel and Hamas war to sow discord, undermine global unity and create more discord and contradictions ultimately aiding Russia’s agenda to weaken freedom in Europe.

However on Tuesday, Dmitry Peskov countered Zelenskyy’s claims stating that they had no factual basis, as reported by Russian state news. Putin’s accusation against the U.S. adds another layer of complexity to the Israel and Hamas conflict highlighting the diverse international perspectives and geopolitical dynamics at play.

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