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Israel and Russia in the Spotlight, Contrasting Civilian Suffering


Comparing the Complexities: Civilian Suffering in Israel and Russia Examined

In a recent CNN segment, Jake Tapper and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan discussed the contrasting civilian suffering in Gaza and Ukraine, highlighting distinctions between Israel and Russia. (Photo: amnesty)

Analyzing Civilian Suffering in Gaza and Ukraine: A Closer Look at Israel and Russia

According to, During a recent segment of “State of the Union” on CNN, Jake Tapper engaged in a heated discussion with National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, addressing the contrast between civilian suffering in Gaza and Ukraine, emphasizing the difference between Israel and Russia. Tapper referenced U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s condemnation of Russian President Vladimir Putin for cutting off essential supplies like heat, electricity and water to Ukrainians in November 2022. In Gaza, civilians faced similar hardships after Israel imposed a “complete siege” in response to a terror attack by Hamas on October 7.

Tapper questioned Sullivan about the difference between these situations, emphasizing that civilians are civilians regardless of location drawing parallels between Israel and Russia. Sullivan acknowledged the distinction between Israel and Russia but stressed the importance of access to basic necessities for civilians.

He reported that Israelis had restored water access to southern Gaza, underlining the United States’ commitment to working with Israel, the United Nations and other allies to protect Palestinian civilians. Sullivan highlighted the ongoing discussions surrounding the provision of necessities and security for innocent Palestinians underscoring their right to these basic requirements during the conflict between Israel and Russia.

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Negotiating for Hospital Access: Contrasting Israel and Russia’s Policies

Tapper pressed Sullivan on the administration’s stance on negotiating with Israel to ensure Palestinian hospitals had access to essential services, focusing on the Israel and Russia comparison. Sullivan clarified that the U.S. position aligns with the law of armed conflict and the law of war, emphasizing that hospitals should function without being targeted, and people should have access to life support and medical care, drawing distinctions between the policies of Israel and Russia.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has resulted in significant casualties, including numerous American lives, differentiating it from the situation in Russia. Hamas has been accused of heinous acts such as murdering, raping, and torturing innocent civilians in Israel, further emphasizing the differences between the situations involving Israel and Russia.

Reports and images have depicted horrifying incidents, including the alleged slaughter of babies and the charred remains of Israeli adults and children, further exacerbating the tensions and suffering in the region, portraying a situation distinct from that between Israel and Russia.

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