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A Friend of Mine Buys a Condo and Regrets It, A Cautionary Tale for Solo Home Buyers

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The Pitfalls of Condo Living: A Friend of Mine Experience with Changing Home Needs”

A friend of mine initially purchased a condo for its affordability, but now regrets it due to a lack of space for her and her partner, especially with the shift to remote work. (Photo: creacafe)

Navigating the Condo Conundrum: Why Changing Home Needs Can Bring Unexpected Challenges

According to the source, buying a home as a single individual can come with its challenges, particularly when facing income requirements that are tougher to meet with only one salary. A friend of mine found herself in this situation a few years ago when a friend of mine decided to purchase a condo instead of a standalone home, lured by the notion of a more affordable mortgage due to lower mortgage rates at the time. However, my friend’s initial contentment with the condo has now turned into regret for a significant reason.

The regret stems from the need for more space, especially as a friend of mine’s romantic partner has come into the picture, and they wish to live together. My friend’s condo, originally purchased when she was single, is not equipped to handle this change. The issue was exacerbated by the sudden shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, which both a friend of mine and her partner now face. The one-bedroom condo simply doesn’t provide adequate space for two people to comfortably work from home.

Furthermore, despite having equity in her condo, rising home prices and mortgage rates have made upsizing financially unattainable. The frustrating aspect is that my friend could likely sell her condo relatively easily, as condos tend to sell faster than single-family homes, even in a down market. However, her inability to find a suitable place to move leaves a friend of mine in a bind.

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Learning from Experience: The Importance of Long-Term Planning When Choosing Your Home

This situation serves as a cautionary tale for potential condo buyers. While a condo can be a great option for singles or those who don’t require extensive space or wish to avoid home maintenance it’s vital to anticipate potential future changes in your living situation. In the face of such changes, purchasing a small standalone home might be a more flexible and practical choice provided you can manage the upkeep.

For a friend of mine, she hopes to make the transition to a standalone home once the housing market cools and mortgage rates become more favorable enabling a friend of mine and her partner to move in together without the constraints of limited square footage.

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