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Fortified Subterranean Blood Bank in Israel Handles Record Blood Reserves as Troops Advance into Gaza

Photo: CBS Austin

Hours after the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas militants in southern Israel, the nation’s state-of-the-art fortified subterranean blood bank in Ramla swung into action.

Fortified Subterranean Blood Bank in Israel Handles Record Blood Reserves as Troops Advance into Gaza (Photo: Sky News)

Capacity and Resilience

In a recent data released by US News, in November 05, 2023, originally set to open within days, the Marcus National Blood Services Center had to expedite its launch due to the tragic loss of over 1,400 lives in the wake of the attacks. This facility, located 15 meters below ground and boasting a $135-million budget, provides a lifeline during times of conflict, shielding itself from rockets, missiles, chemical attacks, and earthquakes. Dr. Eilat Shinar, director of the national blood services division of Magen David Adom, emphasized the critical importance of this fortified subterranean blood bank underground marvel as it became the focal point of saving lives amid the turmoil.

The fortified subterranean blood bank new blood center offers unparalleled capabilities compared to its predecessor. With the ability to store almost twice the amount of blood – half a million units a year versus 270,000 – it has become a linchpin in Israel’s ability to respond to emergencies. The former blood bank, built in the 1980s, had proven insufficient to meet wartime demands and had even been exposed during previous conflicts.

Now, nestled securely underground, fortified subterranean blood bank provides tens of thousands of units of blood in response to crises like the recent Hamas attacks. This fortified facility marks a pivotal step in safeguarding Israel’s blood supply during times of peril.

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Prepared for the Worst: Responding to the Ongoing Conflict

According to the report published by ABC News, as Israel vows to confront Hamas in Gaza, the fortified subterranean blood bank stands ready for an influx of casualties requiring transfusions. Thousands of people have rallied to donate blood as the conflict unfolds. In early October, the center received an unprecedented 5,000 units of blood in a single day.

The remarkable preparedness of the Marcus National Blood Services Center, coupled with the support of donors and volunteers, ensures a continuous supply of life-saving blood to treat wounded soldiers and civilians in the midst of conflict. In a world where resilience is crucial, this fortified subterranean blood bank serves as an exemplar of a nation’s commitment to saving lives under any circumstances.

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