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Neighborhoods In Detroit And Their Struggle With High Crime Rates

Neighborhoods in Detroit that are struggling to lower their crime rates. (Photo: PODS)
Neighborhoods in Detroit that are struggling to lower their crime rates. (Photo: PODS)

Neighborhoods in Detroit to avoid to stay out of trouble.

Neighborhoods in Detroit that are deemed as crime-ridden locations. (Photo: Unequal Scenes)

Some neighborhoods in Detroit are deemed as crime-ridden locations. (Photo: Unequal Scenes)

Check These Neighborhoods In Detroit

Neighborhoods in Detroit, such as Belmont, Petosky-Otsego, Van Steuben, Fishkorn, Warrendale, Greensbriar, Franklin Park, Fitzgerald, The Eye, and Poletown East, are known for their high crime rates and appear frequently on lists of the most violent and crime-ridden locations. Factors contributing to this dangerous reputation of neighborhoods in Detroit include elevated rates of murder and shootings, rampant gang activity, widespread poverty, and urban decay.

Home prices in these neighborhoods in Detroit tend to be below average, and it is strongly advised to avoid them due to their high crime rates and low quality of life experienced by residents. Despite the challenges faced by these neighborhoods in Detroit, efforts are being made to revitalize and improve the safety and quality of life for residents.

Community organizations, local governments, and law enforcement agencies are working together to implement strategies aimed at reducing crime and addressing the root causes of violence in these neighborhoods in Detroit. Initiatives such as increased police presence, community policing programs, and investment in social services are being implemented to create a safer environment for the residents in the neighborhoods in Detroit.

According to a published article by Property Club NYC, there are ongoing efforts in these neighborhoods in Detroit to attract businesses and create job opportunities, which can help alleviate poverty and stimulate economic growth. While progress may take time, the commitment to transforming these neighborhoods in Detroit into thriving communities is evident, and there is hope for a brighter future.

Three Photojournalists Shot By Rubber Pellets

In a published article by AP News, a Detroit police corporal named Daniel Debono will have to go to trial for allegedly shooting three photojournalists with rubber pellets during protests against police brutality. Debono is facing charges of felonious assault and will be arraigned on November 28 in Wayne County Circuit Court.

The incident occurred in downtown Detroit on May 31, 2020, when the photojournalists, including Nicole Hester from, encountered Debono and two other officers. Despite wearing press credentials and identifying themselves as news media, Debono allegedly shot them with rubber pellets when they asked to cross the street.

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