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US Department of State Raises Renewed Alarms Regarding Military Collaboration Between North Korea and Russia

Photo: Lowy Institute

US Department of State voiced renewed concerns about the military cooperation between North Korea and Russia.

US Department of State Raises Renewed Alarms Regarding Military Collaboration Between North Korea and Russia (Photo: NBC News)

Violations of UNSC Resolutions Prompt Vigilance and Collaborative Action

In a report featured by Yonhap News Agency, in November 20, 2023, the focus of these apprehensions centers around Pyongyang’s upcoming space rocket launch, intended to deploy a military spy satellite into orbit. The launch, scheduled between November 22 and December 1, has elicited warnings from South Korea, with Seoul emphasizing the potential destabilizing impact of North Korea’s third attempt at such a launch this year. Matthew Miller, the US Department of State’s spokesperson, determined the well-known worries regarding North Korea’s ballistic missile program and the transfer of technology between Russia and North Korea.

The US Department of State, through Miller, emphasized the violation of multiple United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions resulting from technology transfers between Russia and North Korea. Miller further highlighted the contradiction wherein Russia, as a UNSC member, has voted for these resolutions, yet engages in activities that breach them. The statement outlines the commitment to close monitoring and collaborative responses with regional allies to address North Korea’s destabilizing behavior.

Additionally, US Department of State when questioned about South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol’s remarks on China’s potential cooperation with North Korea and Russia, Miller restated the firm position that Russia should refrain from supplying technology violating UNSC resolutions, and North Korea should avoid providing arms for Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

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Speculations Rise Amidst Delayed North Korean Launch

According to the news reported by The North Korea Times, US Department of State emphasized as North Korea prepares for its space rocket launch, delayed from an initial October plan, speculation grows regarding potential military technology exchanges between North Korea and Russia. The postponement of the launch, following two unsuccessful attempts earlier in the year, raises questions about the nature and extent of collaboration between the two nations.

Amidst concerns that Russia may have provided military support to North Korea in exchange for weapons for the war in Ukraine, the US Department of State’s repeated stance emphasizes the importance of vigilance and collaborative actions with regional partners to address the evolving situation.

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