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Cities In Mexico And The Growing Safety Concerns

Here are the cities in Mexico with going problems of safety concerns. (Photo: Vacayholics)
Here are the cities in Mexico with going problems of safety concerns. (Photo: Vacayholics)

Check out these cities in Mexico that are starting to be unsafe for travel.

Cities in Mexico and the heightened danger it possesses. (Photo: Travel + Leisure)

Cities in Mexico and the heightened danger it possesses. (Photo: Travel + Leisure)

Cities In Mexico And Their Growing Problems With Safety

Cities in Mexico have diverse geography and culture, but it is often misrepresented, especially in Canada. While the cities in Mexico have charming vacation spots and historical wonders, they also face issues with drug cartels and organized crime.

According to a published article by Southwest Journal, in Obregon, one of the cities in Mexico, there is a growing safety concern, with high crime rates affecting the daily lives of residents. Tijuana, one of the border cities in Mexico, has a high murder rate due to cartel dominance in the fentanyl trade.

Another one of the cities in Mexico is Acapulco which was once a luxurious resort, which now has a high murder rate due to cartels competing for control of poppy fields. Uruapan, another one of the cities in Mexico with a rich history and natural beauty, is struggling with a high crime rate due to rampant drug activity.

Culiacan, once one of the peaceful cities in Mexico, has experienced a significant rise in crime, particularly due to cartel conflicts and a deadly territorial war. Coatzacoalcos, one of the historic port cities in Mexico, also has a high overall crime rate with elevated incidents of assaults, thefts, muggings, and drug dealing.

Zona Maco Art Fair In Mexico City

In a published article by The Art Newspaper, the 20th anniversary of the Zona Maco art fair in Mexico City is being celebrated this year. Initially established to support Mexico’s art scene, the fair has evolved into a significant event with participants from 25 nations. Despite its expansion, the fair has stayed loyal to its original purpose.

The upcoming edition will highlight unique programs and initiatives, such as presenting location-specific projects by local exhibitors and appointing a fresh artistic director. Moreover,  a $100,000 prize will be granted to the artist and exhibitor who garner the highest number of votes from attendees.

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