22 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

Microsoft announced yesterday the creation of a supercomputer, which will be the fifth most powerful in the world. It will have 285,000 processing cores, 10,000 GPUs and a 400 gigabit per second connection. It is one of the outstanding news that you will find in this summary of current day technology.

Virgin telco arrives in Spain, but in reality who is behind is the Basque operator Basque, which makes the leap to the entire national territory. We tell you all the offers in the linked news.

Google and Apple have announced that since yesterday Covid-19 contagion tool available, which have been developed jointly. It comes through the iOS 13.5 update and Google Play, but it will be the national and local governments that will implement it in each territory.

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Technological news

The Google application begins to update with the expected dark mode. Read the news

Microsoft has created a supercomputer that enters the Top 5 of the most powerful in the world. Read the news

Today comes the COVID-19 detection tool from Apple and Google. Read the news

The SD 8.0 standard will arrive with a transfer speed of 4 GB / s. Read the news

Virgin telco arrives in Spain: fiber and mobile from 39 euros per month. Read the news


How to use facial recognition with mask. Read the news

TCL renews the Alcatel 3L with better cameras and more autonomy for 159 euros. Read the news

Optical stabilization will make the jump to Samsung’s mid-range mobiles. Read the news

New folding mobile in sight: the new Motorola Razr will arrive in the fall. Read the news

Computers and tablets

Your Raspberry Pi can run a system that looks like Windows 10 or macOS. Read the news


How to use a surgical mask correctly. Read the news

Where to buy cheap masks in Mercadona, Carrefour and other chains. Read the news

Why am I having such vivid dreams during quarantine? Read the news

Leisure and gaming

The Thirteen Reasons trailer explores the series’ darkest secrets. Read the news

If you have a Samsung Smart TV you can already see the contents of RTVE in 4K. Read the news

Some films dare to confirm their release date in theaters. Read the news

Sign up at Disney + and enjoy a week for free with all its content, including classic series and movies, from Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars.


Tesla cars found to have two-way charging – can connect to your home network. Read the news

Opel Crossland X was the best selling car in April. Read the news


The piles can be transformed into crop fertilizer. Read the news

11 reasons why you should do sports at night. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

What X Æ A-12 means, the name Elon Musk has given his son. Read the news

ValoClimb, augmented reality climbing. Read the news

This has been the summary of current news in the morning. Have a nice day!

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