3D printers: what to consider in 2020 if you want to buy one

Information is power and money: if you know what features you should know before buying a device, you are more likely to get it right and not waste your money. Especially with a tool as particular as a 3D printer. There are a series of keys that allow you know if a model is right for you and we are going to tell you what they are so that you take them into account.

It is possible that, a priori, some of the aspects that we are going to discuss may go unnoticed, but it is very important that you take them into account. Depending on the type of use you are going to give to your printer, you may have a perfect model for your needs or one that will limit you unnecessarily.

So it is important to consider a number of tips for buying a 3D printer, or rather things that you should value as keys, characteristics that can come in handy -or not- when printing your own objects.

And it is that, although all 3D printers carry out the same task, not all models available on the market are the same. Here are some aspects that you may have overlooked.

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Material you are going to print on

When choosing your 3D printer, one of the first considerations that you have to value is the type of filaments and material you would like to use to print your objects. So if you haven’t thought about it yet, do it first.

Keep in mind that not all materials and filaments have the same price or are so versatile, so buy a model according to the material you are going to use in your day to day.

Evidently, 3D printers compatible with more materials are also more expensive. The key is to get the right material right.

A new 3D printer allows skin to be printed directly on wounds, favoring their regeneration. The skin is created from cells of the patient himself.

Size of the object to be printed

The second tip to buy a 3D printer is to be clear about the approximate size of the objects that you are going to create with this device. It may seem obvious, but this data will have a substantial influence on the model to choose.

If you are going to print small parts, you are in luck because these printers are much more affordable. If you want to create models and more spectacular objects, you are going to have to spend a greater amount of money to acquire the device.

Assembled or in a kit?

If you have done a little research you should already know that in the market you will find two types of 3D printers: On the one hand there are those that come already assembled and ready to start being used, and on the other hand we find those that come in parts, also called kits, that the user himself has to assemble.

If you go for the second type, it is recommended that you have some knowledge of assembly and electronics in order to fit the parts correctly. For this reason, If you are starting, a good advice is to buy an already assembled 3D printer.

Geeeteche A20, a way to take the first step

If you are an advanced user and have already had the opportunity to use several 3D printers, there is a surprise in this world that will provide hours and hours of fun. This is the Geeetech printers, which are the models that allow you to introduce modifications and improvements, either through software or by printing new parts to improve their usability.

Even in 2020 there are relatively few printers of this type on the market, although some models have arrived in Spain. An example is this Geeeteche printer that you can buy on Amazon Spain at a price of 299 euros and that has a quick assembly, open source firmware and that has the Advantage of selling pre-assembled, thus eliminating one of the big problems that usually exist with 3D printers.

Comgrow Creality Ender 3

Among the different options that exist in the market, the Ender 3 contains a number of hard-to-find benefits in a model in its price range: the assembly takes just a couple of hours to assemble, is quite quiet and is able to resume printing even if there is a power cut.

This model avoids the usual problem of having to search for the software or need advanced knowledge of electronics to use it: it comes with all labeled parts, assembly book and firmware ready.

The Ender 3 3D printer is a very safe model that serves as a first step or to do the experiments you want as a user, in addition to having a more than competitive price: only 249 euros. And don’t forget that it has its guarantee and trial time.

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