5 items everyone wants after quarantine

The concept of community, the possibility of other less urban, more sustainable and less materialistic ways of life, the importance of protecting biodiversity, telework and reconciliation options, the demand for responsible consumption, the cracks in the foundations of globalization, the end of a massive and unlimited tourism … the pandemic, in addition to unleashing a serious economic and health crisis, is calling into question and questioning many of our pillars, changing consumption, labor trends, mobility within the cities or the housing market.

If we look at the purchases of the Spanish, there are coveted objects closely linked to work or free time that the Spanish want to have at all costs to change their habits, bet on quality remote work, advocate for greener transport or have alternatives of leisure during the time we live, indefinite and marked by uncertainty and social distancing. These are some of the most coveted objects.

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5 things everyone wants to have in the Covid-19 era

  • Swimming pool: In the covid era, a fever for swimming pools has been unleashed, since international tourism has been paralyzed, visits to the beaches seem overwhelming and crowded or regulated by fences, tickets and delimited spaces. People who have a roof, garden or land they want to get a removable pool to take a good dip in this unusual summer -and henceforth, since we do not know the duration or consequences of the pandemic.
  • Bicycle: Many bicycle shops in places like Australia or the United States have been overwhelmed since the state of alarm was declared. In Spain, Both the Government and the DGT want to promote the bicycle against the coronavirus, promoting sustainability and social distancing. So much so that temporary bike lanes have been enabled and many experts call for pedestrianization of spaces in large cities. Rental services such as Bicimad already collect 300 new daily registrations, on the second-hand platforms there is a great movement and sales rebound in specialized establishments. Some establishments that sell them and that have experienced a great increase in demand are Decathlon, Leroy Merlin or Carrefour.
  • A good telework team: Many companies opted for the teleworking formula at the start of the pandemic and are maintaining it to ensure employee safety. But in addition, many companies are considering a model change, offering the remote option as something permanent for part of their staff – something that technology advocates like Facebook and Twitter have advocated for. Convertible laptops, monitors, wireless keyboards and mice and desktops They will be essential for those companies, freelancers and professionals who come to work from home.
  • Home gym: The gyms have closed and will open with restrictions and by zones in the different phases of confinement, starting with outdoor spaces or individual training. As a result, the demand for products such as dumbbells, barbells with weights, boxing bags, exercise bikes, pull-ups, medicine balls or grips has increased. Products that will surely colonize the homes of the most athletes over the coming months.
  • Items for animals: During the confinement, sales of specialized objects for our furry companions in life went up, perhaps due to the uncertainty of not knowing when specialized stores would open or less frequently when going to the supermarket. In the United States, a study carried out by Criteo during March and published in April showed that cat food increased by 401%, the Cat articles category by 204% and the Small articles for animals category by 175%.

This article was published in TICbeat by Andrea Núñez-Torrón Stock.

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