6 Marvel Villains We’d Love To See Christian Bale Play In Thor: Love And Thunder

The unfortunate baddie, who additionally possesses a Midas-like capacity to switch his rocky exterior to anybody or something he touches, has taken on, and been bested by, many a Marvel superhero, however his ongoing quarrel with Thor is particularly notable. Gray Gargoyle has sought and didn’t steal God of Thunder’s immortality time and time once more, which might make a profitable try an attention-grabbing twist in Thor: Love and Thunder. Whereas tragic, Gargoyle besting Thor would give Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster a method to succeed her off-and-on once more beau’s Asgardian obligations that’s feels each dramatically resonant and pure, in addition to pave the best way for Chris Hemsworth’s easy exit from MCU… for a short while, no less than.

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