80 million iPhone 12s would be manufactured in 2020 to cover all demand

TSMC would be manufacturing 80 million A14 Bionic processor for the iPhone 12, a figure that would ensure a huge availability of the new Apple phone to cover the Christmas campaign.

Despite the global health crisis, Apple wants to have a wide availability of iPhone 12 for the last quarter of the year and for this they would have ordered up 80 million A14 processors, so in principle they hope to cover all the demand.

IPhones are always one of the main electronic devices that are given away during the Christmas campaign, and those from Cupertino know this very well, and that is why they have ordered 80 million A14 Bionic processors for iPhone 12, which would also come to ensure that they plan to produce 80 million units of their new device to cover all demand.

Apple is expected to announce its new line of iPhone 12 devices in late September for a launch in October, and until now it is known that the device will carry the 5nm manufacturing-based A14 Bionic processor, thus being the first mass-produced device in carrying this architecture.

Now it ensures a leak that TSMC to manufacture 80 million A14 Bionic processors, which comes to indicate indirectly that those in Cupertino plan to make 80 million units available to stores in 2020, which is a highly respected figure.

In any case this apple 5g chip It will be a huge investment for the company, and that is why it has been rumored that the iPhone 12 may not include series or headphones or the charger in the box as has been the case in recent years. This would be a cost saving strategy to cover the largest investment with 5G.

It is expected that this year the iPhone 12 will represent a qualitative leap compared to the latest iterations when betting on a chip with these characteristics, and everything seems to indicate that respecting the price of recent years, something that seems not to happen with the launch of the new Galaxy Note.

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