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      A future free of cables, Intel works to create totally wireless computers

Kim Diaz



Today the news has been known that Intel has bought Rivet Network, the company behind the Killer gaming network cards. This step together with others seems to guide the company towards a future project to promote wireless technologies.

A recent interview from Intel Client Computing Group Vice President Eric McLaughlin, PCWord reveals that the company has in mind a possible completely wireless computer. According to the interviewee, in the PC industry there would be several unsolved problems and one of them seems to be dependence on cables.

McLaughlin explains that the Bluetooth connection of mobile phones is much more optimized than that of computers. “We are looking for ways to improve the Bluetooth capabilities found in your system and basically get to a point where you have multiple Bluetooth solutions connected to your platform.Imagine connecting through this technology the speakers, keyboard, mouse and other series of peripherals that now end up using the cable.

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This is where the Rivet Network company which has developed software to identify the Wi-Fi signal that provides the highest performance using artificial intelligence, thereby boosting network speed. This would be the goal of Intel, but also applied to Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth connection of a PC must connect to multiple radios, various devices that compete for the attention of the computer and everyone needs strong connections. If we play using the keyboard and mouse at the same time, it will take a very fast and solid connection so that the orders we give the game do not have delays that harm the game, for example.

For McLaughlin the purchase of Rivet opens up the possibility for Intel to explore the use of devices with wireless technologies with speeds above 60 Hz. Now that we are entering a new technological stage riddled with connections and devices communicating everywhere, it makes more sense than ever to free our desk from the infinite cables that run through them.

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