Activating the traffic light with your elbow is already possible in a Spanish city

The traffic light button can be a source of contagion, so in a Spanish city you can press the button with your elbow.

The cities are changing to adapt to the new normal. Large capitals close their main streets to traffic to prioritize pedestrian walk and bicycle traffic. But there are beyond, as is Spanish city that has installed traffic lights that are activated with the elbow to avoid doing it with the hand.

The town we are talking about is Killed, in Barcelona. The City Council has implemented several measures to alleviate the expansion of the coronavirus in its streets, among them, the replacement of manual traffic lights either by automatic traffic lights or by other manual ones in which the pedestrian requests the phase change by pressing a switch with the elbow and not by hand. In total, there will be 177 traffic lights that can be activated with the elbow and 25 crossings where the light signal will be fixed.

Traffic lights that are activated with the elbow work like the traditional ones: the pedestrian approaching the crossing presses a button so that the traffic light reduces the phase to red and turns green as soon as possible to give priority to pedestrians. The difference is that the keypad is much larger, so it can be easily operated with the elbow.

Street signs marking the safety distance

Another of the measures adopted by the Mataró City Council are the signs painted on the ground that mark the safety distance between pedestrians.

The Barcelona town has decorated its streets with more than 300 pictograms with the message “for your health circulate on the right“in order to avoid crossing paths with people who walk in the opposite direction.”The measure is especially important in the streets where the sidewalks are narrow, like many of those located in the Historic Center, where it is difficult to maintain the distance to the others if you travel indiscriminately on both sides.“they explain from the consistory.

It is planned to mark 290 pictograms of two types with white paint: half of them with the legend “For health circulate on the right sidewalk“accompanied by the pictogram of a pedestrian, and the other half only with the drawing and the arrows that indicate the direction of movement.

110 more pictograms will also be painted in 55 pedestrian crossings to signal the mandatory distance to the road“They affirm. The first ones have already been painted in some of the most commonly used steps, such as in front of the Renfe station or on Calle de San Agustín with Avenida del Maresme.

This article was published in Autobild by Noelia López.

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