Amazon, for the air conditioning sector: its evaporative cooler, on sale for only 93 euros

With the arrival of summer, the demand for refrigerating appliances of all kinds always rises. Taking advantage of this circumstance, Amazon already sells its own AmazonBasics brand air cooler.

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Little by little Amazon has become more than just a store, and all thanks to the “private label” products that abound on its (virtual) shelves, such as the Solimo brand food or products of all kinds of AmazonBasics.

Precisely to this last sub-brand belongs the Amazon air cooler, an evaporative cooler that doesn’t take long to sell and it costs only 92.99 euros.

This Amazon evaporative cooler features an 8-liter water tank, LED panel, and humidifier and air purifier function.

It is a price that is somewhat below what is usual in this type of apparatus, which should not be confused with portable air conditioners, which do use electricity as such to cool the air.

For their part, evaporative coolers have a water tank from which moisture is extracted to cool the air that is recirculated throughout the room. Its usual price usually exceeds 100 euros, especially if we are talking about trusted brands.

As an example, there is the model that Cecotec has for sale and that is among the best sellers. It has similar characteristics and goes to € 139, so it is clear that the Amazon air conditioner is much cheaper.

With 60W, timer and remote control, it can be said that the performance of the AmazonBasics air cooler is quite good, acceptable considering the price.

Installing a portable air conditioner is a valid solution if you do not want to do work, or want to use it in different rooms. We explain everything you need to know to buy one of these equipments.

Obviously, this type of apparatus works in certain circumstances better than in others, such as in dry climates, where its effectiveness increases considerably.

If you have doubts, in this air conditioning purchase guide we explain some key concepts that you should know.

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