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      Amazon lowers the Xiaomi night light to only € 10: it is magnetic and has a motion sensor

Kim Diaz



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Having a dim light that comes on at certain times during the night is most practical. So, if you wake up to go to the bathroom, if you have to go to your children’s room or if you have to go downstairs, you don’t have to bother anyone by turning on a powerful lamp. Also, if activated by movement, better than better.

This is precisely what the Xiaomi night light offers you: dim lighting that is activated by movement to light up if you have to move around the house in the middle of the night. It is an extremely useful device that is now at a knockdown price on Amazon: you can buy it for only 9.99 euros, the lowest price in recent months.

This Xiaomi night light has different very practical functions that will surely come in handy at home. It is made up of a magnetic base and the light itself, it needs batteries to work and it offers two brightness modes for you to adjust to your liking.

This motion sensor nightlight features two intensity modes and an adjustable magnetic base.

The base can be placed wherever you want: the hallway, the stairs, the hall, the children’s room, the interior of a closet, etc. Can be rotated 360 degrees, so you have the possibility to direct the light source wherever you want.

To turn it on you can press the power button or wait for it to activate itself through the motion sensor. The light detects you at a maximum distance of six meters in an area of ​​about 120 degrees, enough to illuminate you when you need it.

Aside from leaving the light steady, You can also use it as a flashlight. And, since it has a magnetic structure, you can detach it from the base to take it with you where you need it.

It is a fairly complete device for what it costs, so take advantage of the Amazon offer if you want to get it at this price. To receive the order for free and faster, you can take advantage of the free trial of Amazon Prime: you will benefit from all the advantages of subscribers for 30 days without paying anything.

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