An Interstellar object is moving towards the solar system – NASA finds out

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

NASA has new shocking news! A telescope in Hawaii seems to have captured a close up view of an interstellar object moving towards our solar system. The 2l/Borisov as it has been named, the object has been stated to be only the second one so far in our solar system. 

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The first image of the interstellar object was noticed in August this year. The comet has been expected to come into close contact with the solar system next month. It is expected to pass at a distance of around 190 million miles away from the solar orbit. The comet Borisov is found to have a longer tail that stretches across 100,000 miles behind it. That makes it a huge object which has been estimated to be of the size of 12 earths. 

Nothing to worry about it though. The Comet will not affect our solar system or our earth, though. “Comet Borisov will eventually leave our Solar System.. Until then we should all enjoy the marvellous beauty of our alien comet friend.” says University of California astronomer Dr Paul Kalas. 

However, there are no conclusions about whether the object is a comet or something else. While scientists are of the opinion as of now that this is a comet, and hoping to study it further. This will further help us understand the formation of the comets. 


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