Apple Watch Series 6 will feature blood oxygen level monitoring and sleep tracking

A new report ensures that features such as support for monitoring blood oxygen level and sleep tracking will be the main selling points for the Apple Watch Series 6 when it is released this fall.

Apple will unveil a wide range of electronic devices over the coming months, and the first event to arrive, presumably in September, will not only bring back a new line of iPhone, but also the long-awaited new version of its famous smart watch.

Although it is not confirmed, different rumors had ensured that on September 8 Apple will celebrate an online event in which they will not only announce the new family of the iPhone 12 but also the expected Apple Watch Series 6. It is an event where They may also display the AirPower wireless charger on a number of devices that would mark the Christmas campaign for those in Cupertino.

If you are thinking of buying a smart watch for Christmas, the best option you will have on the market will be the Apple Watch Series 6, and more considering that two great expected features have been leaked that this smart watch will have, such as the sleep tracking and a blood oxygen sensor.

The information comes from a new report by DigiTimes where they point out that this new smart watch will have biosensors to monitor sleep conditions, detect oxygen in the blood and measure pulse rates, heartbeat, and atrial fibrillation. All of the above would be covered by an accelerometer and a MEMS-based gyroscope for more precise measurements.

It is not the first time that the feature of monitoring the level of oxygen in the blood and monitoring of sleep appears in a leak, given that a few weeks ago these possible features were revealed thanks to a leaked code from iOS14 that seems to be the main selling points of the new device when it is released this fall.

They would not be the only features that the smart watch would release, because the presence of the Touch ID had also been considered to allow us to unlock our watch in a new way in addition to the PIN or with the iPhone that we have paired.

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