Apple’s Rivals Unite to Fight App Store Rules

Apple's Rivals Unite to Fight App Store Rules

The makers of Tinder and Fortnite along with Spotify have united against Google and Apple to fight the way the tech giants operate their app stores. 

The Coalition for App Fairness is a non-profit based in Washington. It was launched on Thursday and will be advocating for regulatory and legal changes.

They want Google and Apple to stop favouring their apps in android and iPhone operating systems. To put it differently, they have huge issues with the way the two tech giants run their app stores. 

The smaller rivals of Google and Apple have united against the tech giants. The two big companies are facing backlash from European and US lawmakers and regulators.

The main aim of the group is to stop Apple and Google from prioritising their apps in the app store. They want to be the voice of gaming developers and apps. They want to create a level playing field for everyone while protecting consumer choice. This was stated by Horacio Gutierrez, who is the chief legal officer and head of global affairs for Spotify.

The group is mainly targeting Apple. However, the app store policies of Google are also under consideration. Both the tech companies blocked the popular video game Fortnite from their respective app stores. This was done after the developer of the game launched a direct payment method in the app store. 

Just so you know both Google and Apple take about 30 percent commission from in-app purchases from the app developers. This policy has been bothering the developers for quite a long time. But now three of the small rivals have united together to fight against the tech giants.

Epic Games sued both the companies for anti-competitive behaviour. For those who don’t know Epic Games is the company that developed Fortnite. They are providing full support to the coalition. Even Spotify is contributing to the fight. Other members of the coalition include Match Group, Tile, ProtonMail, Basecamp, and European media industry associations.

The big tech companies are also facing scrutiny from antitrust regulators. 

Google has an anticipated lawsuit against them which was placed by the Justice Department. This could be the biggest offensive to save competition since the Microsoft incident that happened 20 years back. 

Consumer advocates and lawmakers have accused Google of misusing its dominance in online advertising and search to increase its profits.

From the recent scenario, it seems that this fight will be dragged long.


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