Arizona Flash Flood – Two children dead, one missing

Two among the three children who went missing after the flash floods in Arizona on Friday have been reported to be found dead. The Gila County Sheriff’s Office reported this sad news on Saturday. 

The car was passing through the Tonto Creek which is around 60 miles from the New Mexico border, and it was caught in a flash flood. The incident happened at 4 pm on Friday. Four children and an adult male were rescued with the help of a helicopter. The five victims were stranded on an island. Yet another woman was also rescued successfully. 

Three more children were reported missing and were unaccounted for. However, by Saturday midday, the bodies of two children – a boy and a girl both aged five were found. The search is on for the third girl with a rescue team of over 30 members is working overtime to rescue the children. Authorities are hopeful that they would be able to find her alive. 

The Winter weather has been quite intense, and a host of families returning from the Thanksgiving trips have been affected by the severe weather warnings. The severe conditions began with the West Coast storm and now has assumed a more dangerous form. The storm has been expanding towards the east with sand, snow and heavy winds. 

The weather warning remained active till 8.45 pm on Saturday. A host of the crossings at the Tonto creek has been closed to avoid any further possibilities of similar fatalities.

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