‘Backstreet Rookie’ Episode 14: Dae-hyun proposes to Saet-byul but Yeon-joo is scheming against them

‘Backstreet Rookie’ Episode 14 sees Dae-hyun (Ji Chang-wook) and Saet-byul (Kim Yoo-jung) get so much nearer than earlier than. After episode 13 ended with Dae-hyun giving Saet-byul pink tulips, we noticed the 2 of them get extraordinarily shut and the 2 appeared actually shut to kissing. In continuation, we see in episode 14 that the tulips had been for wishing Saet-byul the perfect forward of her GED examination that she was inspired to take by Dae-hyun. He is additionally about to inform her the second purpose why he gave her flowers, and they’re nearly to kiss, like one other occasion earlier than but are interrupted once more. This time, by Dae-hyun’s sister. 

Between taking good care of the comfort retailer and persevering with to work because the advisor on the head workplace, Dae-hyun turns into extraordinarily drained and is additionally overworked. He does reach finishing the primary project that Seung-joon offers him, but within the course of, he finally ends up hurting himself and in addition passes out after exhaustion. Within the meantime, Yeon-joo, who lobbied for Dae-hyun to get the manager place, is planning schemes of her personal. Now that she has obtained Dae-hyun working again on the head workplace, she tries to spend extra time collectively and even goes to the extent of going to Dae-hyun’s mom with the suggestion that they let the pinnacle workplace care for the comfort retailer to lighten Dae-hyun’s workload. 

She pushes this as if it is for the perfect of Dae-hyun but by the tip of the episode, we be taught that is not the case. To persuade Dae-hyun to quit on working the comfort retailer that he loves a lot, she additionally tells him that Saet-byul would additionally obtain a promotion and grow to be an assistant supervisor. Nonetheless, Dae-hyun is sensible this time round, and he sees via all of Yeon-joo’s schemes too. So as an alternative, he tells her to shove off and decides to resign from the manager advisor’s place. Nonetheless, it is Saet-byul who tells him that she and the comfort retailer will each be fantastic being taken care of by the pinnacle workplace. Dae-hyun tries to warn her that regardless of being promoted to the Assistant Supervisor’s place, she would possibly face a tough time due to the brand new supervisor. 

He appears to have guessed Yeon-joo’s intentions as a result of proper then we see Yeon-joo rent a supervisor solely to take away Saet-byul from the comfort retailer and from Dae-hyun’s aspect. What she is not conscious of is the truth that Dae-hyun has one thing big deliberate for Saet-byul. He has deliberate a proposal occasion for Saet-byul proper after dinner and that is the place he presents her once more with the pink tulips and this time, he tells her that he does know of the importance behind pink tulips. He tells her that he is aware of the that means behind the flowers and confesses his emotions for Saet-byul. 

He tells Saet-byul that it was after assembly her that he had realized what it means to fall in love with somebody over time. From the primary time, he met her when she was a highschool scholar till now he tells her that all the moments had him fall for her. He nonetheless would not know that Saet-byul is the woman he had saved when the 2 had been younger. Saet-byul has been ready for Dae-hyun’s confession all this whereas and it appears to be like like she might say sure, but solely within the subsequent episode.

‘Backstreet Rookie’ initially airs on SBS on Fridays and Saturdays at 10 pm KST.

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