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      Be great on the Internet, the Google portal to teach children to protect themselves on the Internet

Kim Diaz



In recent weeks, children have spent more time than usual on the internet. Not only playing games, but also socializing with friends, and even doing school work and online classes. It is important that they know how to move safely in this new environment, and we will not always be there to monitor them. So Google, the National Police, the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) and the Fad, have launched the portal Be great on the internet.

It is a series of tools so that parents and educators know how to guide children to use the internet safely. Although the most important resource is a video game called Interland, where children learn safety concepts while having fun.

It is made up of four mini-games in which children help other Internet users to combat the bad behavior of hackers, impersonators, users who share too much and cyber bullies. The game, although it is fun for all ages, It is aimed at children from 8 to 10 years old.

The goal of the portal Be great on the Internet is teach children to behave and use the internet, from different perspectives, with the aim of preventing bullying, or accessing inappropriate content, but also educating them on the need to behave correctly.

Experts focus on these five important sections:

  • Share carefully: Be smart on the internet
  • Don’t fall into traps: Stay alert on the internet
  • Protect your secrets: Stay safe on the internet
  • Being nice is great: Be nice online
  • If you have questions, ask: Be brave online

To assist you in this task, parents and educators have abundant resources at their disposal to apply in class, or in the family environment.

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There is a guide for families that seeks to encourage conversations at home about digital security and identify good habits in the use of technology among the little ones.

Educators can access a Training Program, designed for students from third to sixth grade of primary school, with tools and methods necessary to teach in the classroom the basic concepts of security and digital citizenship.

An excellent initiative by Google in collaboration with the most important technology and security agencies in the country.

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