Big Stars in the Horse Racing World

Big Stars in the Horse Racing World

Big Stars in the Horse Racing World

Horse Racing has been a popular sport around the world for centuries and was originally beloved by the Ancient Greek when they enjoyed chariot racing and mounted horse races; the popularity has continued to rise since then, especially with the upper class and members of royalty. Within the sport there are many stars, from events to trainers and jockeys to horses, the sport is not short of star power, but let’s take a look at the brightest that are blessing the sport with their skills and expertise in the sport of horse racing today. 

Black Caviar 

It’s important not to forget the big stars of the sport… the horses themselves and Black Caviar is a great example of the animal’s excellence in racing. During his career, the Australian thoroughbred achieved 25 wins with 25 starts, along with a healthy earring of just under $8 million. Black Caviar achieved many things during his career, along with being undefeated in all 25 races he took part in, he was also named World Champion Sprinter in the years of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Black Caviar retired back in 2013 and so no longer takes part in races or events, but is a modern example of excellence in the sport.

Tiger Roll 

Another example of excellence in horse racing is Tiger Roll, an Irish bred thoroughbred racehorse. He made his mark on the sport when he won the famous National Hunt race – the Grand National – in both 2018 and 2019, as well as four Cheltenham wins in 2014, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Tiger Roll is often pitted up against the older horse legend – Red Rum – due to him being the only horse to have ever won the Grand National three consecutive years and Tiger Roll was on track to match that achievement, but sadly 2020 saw the first Virtual Grand National and so was not the year for Tiger Roll to do so, but previewing horse racing for the future could lean in his favour. 

The Royal Family 

It is frequently said that the sport of horse racing is a sport for the upper class and although that is not wrong as it has been historically popular with aristocrats, it is an everyman’s sport but has always been enjoyed by the Royal family. 

Many well-known events in the sport were inaugurated or made popular due to members of the royal family, with King Charles II giving Newmarket races prominence and Queen Anne being the founder of Royal Ascot back in 1711. Royal Ascot is still a prominent race in the world of Horse racing and the current member of the royal family still involve themselves with the event; Queen Elizabeth has her own Thoroughbred that she enters into the event each year and have come out with great achievements and over 1,500 wins in foreign events as well as British races. Her love of horses started from a young age and followed her into later life and along the way ensured she included her family in her love of the animal and the sport.


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