‘Buried Worlds with Don Wildman’ Episode 4 delves into the Nazis’ obsession with the occult and ancient lore

Don Wildman plans to delve into the age-old secrets and techniques of the atrocious Nazi empire, in the newest episode of ‘Buried Worlds with Don Wildman’. The Journey Channel host journeys to Poland, the heart of Nazi exercise throughout World Conflict II, the place he good points entry to a mysterious diary written by a former SS officer. The clues hidden inside the entries lead him to a harmful cave that’s at the brink of collapse. The cave, a channel or varied underground tunnels operating all through the metropolis, was supposedly the place the Nazis hid non secular relics. He additionally visits a German crypt the place the Nazis supposedly held occult ceremonies of darkish magic that helped them with their sinister plans for world domination.

Nazi diary – Opole, Poland

In 2019, a secret society referred to as Silesian Bridge devoted to returning the artifacts stolen by the Nazis throughout WWII revealed that that they had of their possession a diary that contained a map detailing the places of the place the Nazis hid greater than 30 tons of gold. The journal was written 75 years in the past by a former Waffen Schutzstaffel (SS) officer below the pseudonym ‘Michaelis’ and outlined Nazi commander Heinrich Himmler’s plans to hidden illegally coveted European riches, artifacts, priceless artworks and relics. The SS officer was an in depth affiliate of Hitler’s right-hand man, Heinrich, and was additionally answerable for organizing and dealing with the transport, associated to hiding the stolen treasures and valuables. 

Heinrich Himmler (Journey Channel)

The diary comprises entries relationship from October 1944 to Might 1945, basically in the direction of the finish of World Conflict II. It lists a complete of 11 places the place Nazi troops hid hoards of stolen loot. One location that it illustrates is an deserted nicely that extends practically 200 toes under the floor, located beneath the 16th century Roztoka fortress, in south-western Poland. The Roztoka fortress was owned by a noble household however was taken over by the Nazis after the battle started. The fortress was a storehouse for the Nazis to secure maintain stolen artworks and now stands deserted. Someplace in the space, these answerable for hiding the treasure planted a tree to mark the entrance to the nicely. The stolen treasures are estimated to be price a minimum of €50 billion ($56,48,70,00,000), per a Silesian Bridge consultant. Further paperwork additionally counsel that to ensure that the places to stay a secret, the Nazis murdered witnesses, dumped their our bodies in the nicely, and detonated explosives to seal the entrances. 

Adolf Hitler (Journey Channel)

The Silesian Bridge consultant informed Wildman that the society obtained the e-book from a German noble household that needed to return stolen valuables from World Conflict II, below the situation that they do not launch it to the public till all the SS officers talked about in the e-book are useless. Following the loss of life of the final SS officer in early 2019, the existence of the diary was made public. The e-book’s author glided by a pseudonym as a result of he wished to maintain his id nameless. The Silesian Bridge is defending one in every of the darkest secrets and techniques of recent time, and thus the e-book is closely guarded. The consultant additionally informed Wildman that for a number of years Intelligence providers of many nations, together with Russia had been making an attempt to come up with the journal. 

The Holy Grail (Journey Channel)

Though it does not point out intimately about the stolen artifacts, the places in the diary are offered in a secret code. SS officers made substantial efforts to ensure that the areas the place they hid these treasures weren’t simply accessible. The Nazis had been determined to maintain the treasure hidden. There is a widespread perception that amongst the hidden treasures is the most wanted non secular relic, the Holy Grail. The Nazis believed that Grail held the energy of immortality, the means to foretell the future, and resurrect the useless.

Mission Reise – Owl Mountains Poland

The Reise venture is a large incomplete tunnel system spanning over 5.5 miles beneath Hitler’s Ksiaz fortress in the Owl Mountains, Poland. It was one in every of the largest underground bunkers ever constructed and grew to become the good location for Hitler’s hideout, the Silesian Bridge consultant opined. It’s probably additionally the website the place the stolen treasures might have been hidden. Hitler and his engineers reportedly started constructing this elaborate underground tunnel system with the intention that they might conduct their battle plans with none interruptions from Allied bombers or encroaching Crimson Military troops. Some 18 months later, the venture was deserted seeing that that they had been overwhelmed by advancing Soviets. 

Mission Reise (Journey Channel)

The Owl Mountains had been composed of super-solid rock that would face up to the most aggressive and brutal bomb blasts. And whereas it served as an ideal secure home for the Nazi troops and officers, it made the activity of hollowing out the mountains and developing the bunkers that a lot more durable. The venture was halted in Might 1945, a month after Hitler’s imminent suicide. The Nazis destroyed no matter data that they had on the venture and the Reise complicated stays a complete thriller. Wildman will get unique entry to the again entrance of the tunnels and explores the unexplored, lesser-known a part of the tunnel system. The Nazis scoured the complete of Poland to search out apt places to cover the stolen treasures. Up to now, solely 200 meters of the a million sq. meters price of the huge tunnel areas have been penetrated. Components of the underground system are at risk of collapse, principally as a result of the Nazis deliberately exploded these tunnels with dynamite to guard their secrets and techniques.

Black Madonna – Czestochowa, Poland

There was one prized artifact, mentioned to own magical energy, which the Nazis had been reportedly after, however by no means laid their hand upon it. It was a non secular portray referred to as the ‘Black Madonna’. It’s presently being held in tight safety inside a monastery in Czestochowa, Poland. The Black Madonna dates again to the starting of Christianity, mentioned Wildman, and is attributed to St Luke, one in every of the apostles of Jesus Christ, who painted it on a board taken from a desk that Jesus made. It arrived at the monastery in the 1600s and grew to become the focus of a legend. In some unspecified time in the future, a Swedish military launched a siege on the monastery the place 70 monks and a pressure of locals battled towards 4,000 troopers and gained. The legend says that they attributed their victory to a miracle and noticed the Virgin Mary floating above them in the sky.

Black Madonna (Journey Channel)

As per Wildman, when Himmler heard about the miracle of the Black Madonna he was decided to get his palms on it. The monastery realized that the Germans had been coming for the holy icon, and hid the portray in a secret compartment inside a desk for a number of months. The monks claimed that the portray had been stolen when the Nazis demanded that they hand it over. They searched the monastery for weeks however got here up empty-handed. Himmler personally got here to retrieve the portray, as illustrated in the monastery’s visitor e-book the place he signed his title in 1939. 

Quedlinburg, Berlin

Himmler was identified to be a agency believer in the occult and had a mysterious church in the city of Quedlinburg devoted as his place of worship. Nevertheless, it wasn’t the church’s instant premises that he allotted as his prayer house. As a substitute, he would perform his worship in the crypt beneath the church. The church was constructed to honor Heinrich I, the founding father of the Saxon dynasty.  He united all the Germanic individuals and created the kingdom of Germany in the 11th century. In accordance with an area historian, over 1000 years later, the Nazis rose as an empire for world domination and King Heinrich grew to become very like a God to them. The church grew to become their website of pilgrimage, as Heinrich’s physique was as soon as buried in the crypt. 

King Heinrich’s crypt (Journey Channel)

In accordance with rumors, the Nazis held ceremonies and seances in the crypt, led by the commander of the SS, Himmler. The church was a shrine to Heinrich I, and Himmler was fixated on it for he believed he was Heinrich I reincarnated. Himmler as soon as supposedly organized a seance as a result of he needed to search out the King’s bones. Whereas the crypt is devoted to the former King of Germany, his bones reportedly went lacking a whole bunch of years in the past. Himmler supposedly needed to search out the King’s bones and place them again in the tomb, as a result of he believed that the King’s bones held magical powers. Wildman held a seance in the heart of the city with a bunch of mediums to attempt and commune with the spirit of King Heinrich. 

‘Buried Worlds with Don Wildman’ premieres on Mondays at 9 pm ET/PT on Journey Channel.

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