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Car carrying heart for transplant gets a flat, Police help it deliver

Olivia Wilson



A car was carrying a human heart for transplant. And it got a flat tire while on the move. That is where the Troopers came up for the rescue and literally delivered the heart to where it was destined to. 

The car had three occupants – a surgeon, transplant coordinator and medical student. The time was a little around 4 am on Interstate 55. When the car got a flat, the major worry was about the condition of the human heart. 

Like the hospital spokesperson made it clear  – “There is about a 4- to 6-hour window of time for a heart to remain viable for surgery, and the team had already been travelling for approximately three hours,”. 

Meanwhile, the Troopers arrived at the scene responding to a disabled vehicle call and found a precarious situation. They chose to transport the organ and the occupants of the car to the academic medical centre, where the surgery was to take place. 

It may be noticed that the incident took place on Tuesday, but was posted by the Illinois Police today appreciating the great deed that the Illinois Police could show. 

Thanks to the efforts and timely assistance extended by the Police, the doctors were able to undertake the surgery and provide the patient with a new heart. The saved life was indeed a wonderful show of duty and is appreciated by the public. 

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