Climate change is turning areas of Antarctica green

A new study has shown that the Antarctica is turning green in many of its areas due to different shiny pigments from algae.

In the future, it is likely that the maps of the world that are distributed in schools will show Antarctica in green and not white. A new study published in the journal Nature Communications has shown that bright green pigments are multiplying exponentially in Antarctica, which can even be seen from space.

This has caused scientists to already be able to create the first large-scale map of microscopic algae in Antarctica as they bloom on the surface as the snow is melted by climate change, looking greenish in this way. the surface, as has never been observed before.

Along with this research, the first result of this large-scale map of Antarctica has been published, which scientists will use over the coming months to assess the rate at which the white continent is becoming increasingly green due to the climate change.

The immediate side effect of blooming these algae on the surface could invite other invasive species to come to the continent to feed. They note that they have already discovered that the algae have formed close links with fungal spores and bacteria, and that this could be the start of a new ecosystem.

Scientists believe that due to global warming, Antarctica will become increasingly green. At the moment it is unknown what effects this type of vegetation that is becoming prominent would have on thawing. “I think we will have more algae in the future“Noted the co-author of the study Andrew Gray, one of the associate researchers at the University of Cambridge.

The researchers note that green algae use sunlight to capture carbon dioxide and release oxygen, in a process that rapidly increases when excessive levels of nitrogen and phosphorous are available. Researchers are still studying the consequences that this type of capital appearance of algae could have in Antarctica.

[Vía: TheGuardian]

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