“Concrete Cowboy” Is All Set To Premiere In 2021 On Netflix

Netflix’s “Concrete Cowboy” will soon be entertaining the fans as well as viewers. Yes, Idris Elba who happens to be the series producer and cast member will take the film on Netflix. We know that all of you have been waiting for “Concrete Cowboy” to premiere as soon as possible.

“Concrete Cowboy” is an upcoming American western drama film of which Ricky Staub is the director. The movie is an adaptation of the novel Ghetto Cowboy by Greg Neri. It was Dan Walser along with Ricky Staub who writes the screenplay.

Staub gets inspiration from the real-life urban Cowboys of Philadelphia to write the movie. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming Netflix movie, “Concrete Cowboy”.

When Will The “Concrete Cowboy” Premiere On Netflix?

Unfortunately, the streaming giant is yet to confirm the release date of the “Concrete Cowboy” movie. But we are sure that the upcoming movie will be arriving at some point in 2021.

The Netflix Original film, “Concrete Cowboy” will be premiering within a few months. It is sure that you all have been eagerly waiting for the movie to premiere on Netflix. But you need to know that the initial release of the film happens to be on 13th September 2020.

During the Toronto Internation Film Festival, the “Concrete Cowboy” movie did manage to make its theatrical debut. Also, it was the following month when Netflix gets all the distribution rights for the movie.

What Is The Plot Of “Concrete Cowboy”?

The story of “Concrete Cowboy” will be revolving around Cole who happens to be of 15 years of age. Cole is all set to move from Detroit to North Philadelphia as he has to live now with his estranged father. The story of the film becomes much more interesting and exciting when Cole is on his way to discover the mysterious world of Urban Horseback riding.

Overall, the movie will be a must-watch for all the subscribers, fans, and entertainment lovers. Are you looking forward to watching the “Concrete Cowboy” movie? Comment Below.


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