Conga 1490, on sale for only € 179 and free shipping: this is the cheap robot vacuum cleaner you were looking for

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If something is not missing right now in the market they are vacuum robots, many of them really cheap, although of course they are not all the same. For example, those of the Spanish brand Cecotec are affordable and in addition to vacuuming, they also scrub.

A good example of this is the Conga 1490 that Amazon has on offer for € 179, a very low price for one of what we can consider as of the best vacuum robots in value for money.

This robot vacuum cleaner not only vacuum, but scrub, sweep and mop. In addition, it is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant and has remote control through its app.

Vacuum, scrub, and wipe the damp and dry mop. It is also compatible with pet hair and you can control it by voice commands, since you can link it to both Alexa and Google Assistant if you already have a smart speaker at home.

Navigation is automatic: you just have to start cleaning and wait for it to go through all corners of the house, something that you do as you develop and perfect your virtual map thanks to the laser technology it incorporates.

With this map and with the laser you can go avoiding obstacles intelligently. It has 10 different cleaning modes with various intensities, such as the Eco Mode to save battery or the turbo, which you can set as permanent or let it activate automatically when passing over carpets and rugs.

Having a robot that cleans your floor at home while you are at work or college is wonderful. The robot vacuum cleaner has become an essential element in any home, and in this guide you will find everything you need to decide on buying yours.

It is suitable for all types of surfaces, also for wood and floating flooring, and has enough power to vacuum pet hair without problems.

Beyond all the features we have mentioned, this Conga 1490 robot vacuum cleaner has free shipping on Amazon, which assumes shipping costs on orders over € 29. That said, if you sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial month, you will receive your purchase at home somewhat sooner.

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