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‘Control Z’ Ending Explained: Sophia figures out who the real hacker is but it may be too late for Javier

Craig Smith



Spoilers for Episode 8

Highschool politics, hierarchy, bullying, loss of life threats and manipulative video games later, we lastly arrive at the massive reveal of who the hacker is in Netflix’s newest Spanish teen sensation ‘Management Z’. The Mexican net collection’ system borders alongside the strains of highschool teen dramas the place one scholar’s secret getting outed results in a whole college filled with soiled indiscretions and closeted skeletons coming out; no pun meant.

But even with Sophia (Ana Valeria Becerril) figuring out the real identification of the hacker, what nonetheless stays murky is her new buddy Javier’s (Michael Rhonda) destiny as the closing scene fades out with him bleeding his guts out on the road from a recent bullet wound. The premise kicks off when a hacker takes over the college wifi and begins blackmailing the in style and prime tier elites with their deepest, darkest secrets and techniques, threatening to reveal them if they do not expose their buddies to him.

It begins with Isabella — who is revealed to be trans in the very first episode. Quickly her boyfriend and shut buddies of the “it crowd” get uncovered and no person may help but doubt the complicity of Sophia — our protagonist. The penultimate episode ends with Sophia and wealthy child Raul (Yankel Stevan) teaming as much as bust new child Javier for being the hacker, but by the season finale we study their makes an attempt weren’t as triumphant as presumed earlier than.

In the finish, Sophia is lastly capable of get the precise particular person at fault to return ahead. In that, she makes use of her extraordinarily innate detective and observational expertise to determine out what would irk the hacker the most: lack of acknowledgment. The ultimate episode opens with Sophia and Raul at principal Quintanilla’s workplace, testifying in opposition to Javier. After the two depart, Raul goes again to the workplace and his demeanor reveals it all.

He has video leverage over Quintanilla, exposing which might smash the principal’s pictures at marrying his fiancee — Sophia’s mother. It turns into apparent Raul blackmailed the principal to get Javier expelled for a easy video pulled out of context. But it is solely later in the day when Sophie and Raul are seen participating in some enjoyable pillow discuss at his residence {that a} respite shines. When Sophia tells him that for some unknown cause she likes being with him, Raul’s reply is the place all the puzzle items match collectively after the elaborate plan for revenge crumbles.


Raul tells Sophia the greatest issues are by no means straightforward — a spinoff of one thing the hacker himself had instructed Sophia in the previous when he had kidnapped her. From being able to bask in some alcohol and pizza, Sophia instantly cannot wait to depart his home. Later at the newly reinstated NANO social gathering because of Rosita, Sophia arrives to interrupt up with Raul claiming if Javier actually hacked folks’s secrets and techniques simply to get near Sophia — the approach the hacker defined to her when he kidnapped her — she would need to be with him as an alternative.

Determined and clinging on to his final try, Raul lastly admits the apparent: he is been the precise hacker all alongside. In a basic drama cliche, Javier has been recording all of this from afar and shortly it is broadcast on a random display arrange at the venue. Folks discover out about Raul, but he too is not taking place with no correct struggle. The scholars mob-up and assault Raul proper the second he reappears at the dance flooring and he decides to finish it as soon as and for all by hitting the button to broadcast each saved secret on his cellphone.

Sophia’s father being alive, Maria being Paulo’s “hunny bunny” who he cheated on Isabella with, and much worse secrets and techniques unravel quick sufficient for Raul to hurry out of the venue, adopted by Sophia and Javier. Sadly, they’re stopped by Gerry with a gun — freshly traumatized by the penalties of his persistent harassment of Luiz. The poor man by no means makes it out of the coma — one thing that spurs Gerry’s guilt onerous sufficient to remodel it into blaming it all on the hacker. So when he finds out about Raul, the confrontation comes with a gun. Sadly, it is Javier who tries to chill it down and bears the brunt of it all.

Ana Valeria Becerril as Sophia in the center (Netflix)

With all people’s secrets and techniques out all as a result of Raul’s obsession with Sophia main him to reveal everybody, it’s unfair that Javier — who was truly the good man all alongside — needed to endure the most. But ought to he not survive, that might be one other life misplaced due to Gerry’s impulsive actions. But regardless that Gerry’s mea culpa second making an attempt to avenge Luiz by taking pictures Raul was dimmed by one other catastrophe, it was satisfying to look at Paulo get slapped by Isabelle after he virtually tries to drive himself on her.

The truth that Isabella does not find out about Maria’s being pregnant suggests an explosion to return in the second season. But it would additionally be good to see what Natalia — revealed to embezzle college funds — will do when her drug-dealing boyfriend finds out she misplaced all her evening’s earnings throughout the college struggle. The largest query nevertheless stays whether or not or not Javier will survive, but given the fan craze that has already buzzed on social media about Sophia and Javier, maybe that devastating bleeding out on the street scene is not the final we’ll see of the new man. ‘Management Z’ premiered on Friday, May 22, with all eight episodes on Netflix.

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