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Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 1 DC Easter Eggs Explained

Andy Sanders



This text accommodates Supergirl and Crisis on Infinite Earths spoilers.

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Properly, it is lastly right here. Crisis on Infinite Earths kicked off with an amazing, ridiculously bold hour of tv. “Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One” is the Supergirl chapter of this yr’s Arrowverse crossover, so naturally it put quite a lot of focus on what was occurring on Earth-38, with loads of time for Superman and Lois to shine, as nicely. However there was an enormous shock loss of life alongside the best way, with a lot of breadcrumbs and DC Comics Easter eggs main as much as it.

In some ways, the “Easter eggs” of this episode are surprisingly delicate. It’s extra in regards to the really feel of issues. For instance, there’s a sure ridiculous to all of those occasions occurring without delay, usually breaking down whereas heroes are attempting to go about their “regular” enterprise till the skies flip pink. It’s the absurd exposition required for heroes from completely different realities assembly for the primary time to clarify themselves to one another. In that regard, the primary chapter of Crisis on Infinite Earths is extra devoted to the flavour of a ridiculous comedian e-book crossover than even Avengers: Infinity Struggle and Avengers: Endgame had been. The Arrowverse is right here to only go for it, logic be damned. And it is nice.

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In case you noticed something we missed, simply drop it down within the feedback or hit us up on Twitter! If it checks out, we’ll replace this till it is probably the most full Crisis on Infinite Earths Easter eggs information on the market! Now, let’s get all the way down to it.

The Monitor (visitor star LaMonica Garrett) sends Harbinger (visitor star Audrey Marie Anderson) to assemble the worlds’ biggest heroes – Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), The Flash (visitor star Grant Gustin), Inexperienced Arrow (visitor star Stephen Amell), Batwoman (visitor star Ruby Rose), White Canary (visitor star Caity Lotz), The Atom (visitor star Brandon Routh) and Superman (visitor star Tyler Hoechlin) – in preparation for the approaching Crisis.  With their worlds in imminent hazard, the superheroes swimsuit up for battle whereas J’onn (David Harewood) and Alex (Chyler Leigh) recruit Lena (Katie McGrath) to assist them discover a approach to save the folks of Earth-38.”

The DC Multiverse

The Monitor’s opening narration is nearly precisely the identical because the one which explains the DC multiverse on the very first web page of Crisis on Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. In truth, let’s speak in regards to the a number of Earths that this episode takes place on!


Nearly all of the motion on this episode takes place on Earth-38, which has lengthy been the world the place Supergirl takes place. It’s named for 1938, the yr when Motion Comics #1, the e-book that launched Superman to world, was printed. However earlier than issues kick off right here, we’re handled to a fast tour of some others.

Utilizing the ships of the entire alien refugees residing on Earth-38 is just like the Dunkirk evacuation on a planetary scale.


Earth-89 is the world the place the Tim Burton Batman motion pictures (and presumably, the regrettable Joel Schumacher ones) happen. The introductory shot appears to be like virtually precisely like the primary shot in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film, with a Gotham Metropolis designed by Anton Furst. That’s clearly Danny Elfman’s famed Batman theme taking part in throughout this scene as nicely.

That’s Robert Wuhl reprising his Batman ‘89 position as Alexander Knox studying the Gotham Metropolis Gazette on a bench below ominous pink skies. That illustration of Batman on the entrance web page is by legendary DC Comics artist Jerry Ordway (who additionally did some work on the unique Crisis on Infinite Earths comedian) and it’s taken from the ultimate web page of the comedian e-book adaptation of the 1989 Batman film. Amusingly, to go together with the widely grim nature of Burton’s Batman motion pictures, all the opposite headlines are dangerous information: “Currencies Undergo Amid Uncertainty,” “Peace Talks Break Down” and so on.

There are a few incongruities right here, after all. To begin with, that headline says “Batman Captures Joker.” Jack Napier’s Joker appeared QUITE useless on the finish of Batman ‘89. Alternatively, that’s additionally not the identical batsignal from the flicks shining over Gotham Metropolis. Might these be legacy variations of Batman and Joker preventing it out?

Titans and the DC Universe

Earth-9 is now the designated world the place the DC Universe Titans TV sequence (and presumably Doom Patrol and the unfairly cancelled Swamp Factor) takes place. It appears to have been worn out by an anti-matter wave (you may catch a glimpse of the Jason Todd Robin and half of the Hawk and Dove staff). Why does this have the designation of Earth-9? It would not observe with the comics – Earth-9 there’s the Tangent universe. Nonetheless, here is a concept: in case you depend the CW Seed cartoons (Vixen, Constantine and The Ray), Titans is the ninth DC Comics-based present produced by Greg Berlanti. We expect.


Earth-66 is the world the place the 1960s Batman TV sequence takes place, so designated as a result of the sequence premiered in 1966. Whereas that is the current day, this Earth appears to have a retro really feel to it. Observe the best way persons are dressed and the classic automobiles lining the streets. However extra importantly, that’s Burt Ward, sporting Robin-appropriate colours on his sweater, who shouts “Holy crimson skies of loss of life!” in response to the skies turning pink. Ward, after all, performed Robin on that TV sequence, and that’s the place the trope of Robin shouting “holy” exclamations got here from, every extra ridiculous than the final (with maybe probably the most ridiculous…and we swear we don’t make this up…being “holy priceless assortment of Etruscan snoods!”).   

Might that cuddly German Shepherd he’s strolling be Ace the Bat-Hound? I actually suppose so. What a great boy! Ward has devoted his post-Robin life to rescuing massive canine breeds and ensuring they discover good houses. You may be taught extra right here.


Jonathan’s pod winds up in Oliver’s bunker over on Earth-16 within the yr 2046. We haven’t seen a lot of Earth-16 on DCTV, however within the comics it’s the Younger Justice Earth. Apparently, on this Earth Sara Lance died on the Queen’s Gambit and Oliver lived a extra solitary existence. 

Superman and Lois

– Setting Lois and Clark (and younger Jon Kent) up as the only survivors of a universe destroyed by a Crisis could be very a lot the idea from DC’s Rebirth initiative of 2016, which noticed the New 52 Superman supplanted by the extra basic (and household minded) mannequin. 

– Don’t be shocked if child Jonathan will get sidetracked once more throughout Crisis in order that some timey-wimey shenanigans permit him to be an older boy or younger teen by the point Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch are starring on the Superman and Lois TV sequence subsequent yr.

– Clark’s musing that he at all times pictured him and Lois residing on Earth with two kids is a nod to sure Silver Age comics which often supplied imaginary tales of the pair marrying with kids. Jon Kent appears fated to stay an solely little one in canon. For now, no less than.

– Lois says to Jon earlier than he blasts off within the escape pod that they’ll at all times look out for him “even within the face of our deaths.” That’s a direct quote from the speech Marlon Brando’s Jor-El gave to child Kal-El within the opening moments of 1978’s masterful Superman: The Film.

– Absolutely, you do not want us to inform you that Jon escaping the destruction of not simply Argo Metropolis however your entire universe that homes Earth-38 mirrors how Kal-El and Kara escaped the destruction of Krypton, proper? However what if we advised you that within the Crisis on Infinite Earths comics, there was a baby from a parallel universe, the son of a HEROIC Lex Luthor, who needed to escape the destruction of his universe within the opening moments of that legendary story? Properly, it’s true. Presumably the Jon Kent/Alexander Luthor parallels will finish right here, however it might be malpractice to not level it out.

– Anybody have any concepts what the Argo 139-65 designation means? We’re stumped.

– Clark lamenting how “I couldn’t save her” with reference to his Aunt Allura sounds just like the phrases he spoke over Pa Kent’s grave in Superman: The Film after his foster father died of pure causes. This present simply GETS Kara and Clark proper, significantly how even within the face of a menace that threatens actually the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, Superman will nonetheless be hung up on the lives he was unable to save lots of. Like Oliver in his climactic scene, there isn’t any tradeoff that makes the lack of life value it.

Inexperienced Arrow

– Sara Lance assures Earth-16 Oliver that he’s “a great man on each Earth.” Ahem, have we forgotten the one the place he’s a NAZI DICTATOR already?!?

– Kara and Clark have a heartfelt dialog in regards to the lack of Argo Metropolis, the final stays of their dwelling. Kara tells Clark that Krypton’s not only a place it’s a spirit, and since they’ve shared what Krypton stands for, it lives on in them and Krypton won’t ever die. This parallels the dialog Yao Fei had with Oliver within the Arrow episode “Purgatory” in regards to the Mandarin phrase “shengcun.” Oliver says it means to outlive, however Yao Fei tells him it’s about greater than the physique, it’s in regards to the spirit residing on in another person, like Yao Fei did in Shado and Oliver after he died. 

Given the loss of life (or “loss of life”) of Oliver Queen, there’s been quite a lot of dialogue on the present and off about how the one factor he has left to do is depart a legacy. On this, the legacy factor is one thing DC has traditionally carried out higher than Marvel, though Marvel has been higher about it over the past couple years. The exhibits have by no means been delicate about something, however they’ve additionally been good at selecting up themes and concepts that the comics put down.

Legends of Tomorrow

Of COURSE Sara Lance is a Janis Joplin fan! How a lot do you wanna wager that when the entire craziness and paradoxes of Crisis have been ironed out, we’ll be taught that Janis’ last music is as soon as once more “Mercedes Benz” and never “Little Robotic Man?”

The trivia staff that beats out Ray and Sara is the “Unusual Guests.” That is one more Superman reference, referring to how early Superman radio exhibits, cartoons, and TV exhibits referred to him as a “unusual customer from one other planet, with powers and talents far past these of mortal males.”

Miscellaneous Multiversal Stuff

– The Monitor’s quantum towers come straight out of the comics. They’re type of like dimensional tuning forks – within the DC multiverse, each completely different actuality vibrates at a particular frequency. The explanation the Flashes can journey between worlds is as a result of the Velocity Power offers them management over their very own frequency, and lets them part by means of to completely different worlds. We don’t need to get into an excessive amount of element proper now, however there’s a cause the Monitor left them on worlds he deemed essential.

– These Shadow Demons are straight out of the comics, they usually had been at all times the Anti-Monitor’s foot troopers within the unique story. They had been initially the Thunderers of Qward, elite troops from the anti-matter planet that first created Sinestro’s yellow energy ring, was Shadow Demons by the Anti-Monitor. We’ll see if that is what they find yourself being right here.

– Holy moley, that Pariah costume is totally excellent!

– No, the “finish is nigh” signal man isn’t Rorschach! It’s, nevertheless, Wil Wheaton!

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