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Crisis on Infinite Earths: Who Is Pariah?

Andy Sanders



Again at San Diego Comedian Con 2019, the crew behind The CW’s DC exhibits revealed fairly a bit about subsequent season’s massive crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths. Among the many information: Tom Cavanagh (who performs the assorted Harrison Wellses of the multiverse) can be enjoying Pariah from the comics. That is…a fairly deep reduce. They might have gone deeper, positive – they might have made the Monitor’s headquarters known as Harbinger-1 and have it formed like a Dial H-hero dial like in Multiversity, or one thing – however it is a good one.

So who’s Pariah? And why is he going to be on this story? And why is Tom Cavanagh enjoying him? Let’s discover out!

Who Is Pariah?

Pariah is Kell Mossa, probably the most good scientist from an undesignated Earth within the DC multiverse. He created a science experiment that might enable him to see the daybreak of time, making him one thing like an alternate model of Krona, the Malthusian from Earth Prime who witnessed the daybreak of creation that spawned the multiverse.

There are two key variations between Pariah and Krona: Pariah ran his experiment via an anti-matter chamber, and when he considered the beginning of the universe, as a substitute of making infinite worlds with infinite tales, Pariah helped free the Anti-Monitor and set him on his universe-collapsing rampage.

Nevertheless, within the Arrowverse, Pariah is Nash Wells, one of many many multiversal Wellses we have met all season. Nash Wells is an conceited adventurer who has been on the path of Mar Novu, and properly…watch out what you want for, apparently.

Wells performs the identical operate in TV Crisis as in comics Crisis, however due to a change within the cosmogony of the TV multiverse, he does so in a really completely different manner. The TV multiverse wasn’t created by a Malthusian scientist witnessing the daybreak of creation. It simply grew to become – bursting out of the infinite chance that comes from the chaos of life. So relatively than witnessing the daybreak of time via an antimatter window and creating the Anti-Monitor, Nash Wells, attempting to find Mar Novu to attempt to kill him and stop the disaster, as a substitute finds and frees the Anti-Monitor, inflicting the disaster.

What are his superpowers?

Along with liberating the Anti-Monitor, he additionally gave himself superpowers. Sadly for him, they’re all horrible.

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– He is a genius who eradicated all illness on his dwelling Earth, solely to observe its destruction.

– He is functionally immortal. He does not age, which helps him witness infinite universes be destroyed.

– He is functionally invulnerable (with one massive caveat). So when the wall of anti-matter crashes down via a universe, it does nothing to him.

– He can fly, which helps him get from place to position on the doomed Earth he is caught on.

– And he can teleport from Earth to Earth. In opposition to his will. Routinely. And he solely goes from one just lately destroyed Earth to 1 that is about to die.

He additionally has a killer costume, which is being replicated actually faithfully for the TV model of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Test it out right here!

The place is he now?

Through the comedian guide model of Crisis on Infinite Earths, he managed to work with the heroes to defeat the Anti-Monitor. As a reward for that, he rode off into the sundown with Earth-Three Alexander Luthor and Harbinger to discover the newly merged uber-Earth. Sadly for him, Alexander Luthor went darkish.

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Through the leadup to Infinite Crisis, Pariah realized bother was brewing, so he went to warn who he believed to be the Lex Luthor of the prime Earth. It turned out to be Alexander, working to revive the multiverse so he may go dwelling. Alexander put two in Pariah’s intestine, seemingly killing him.

Later, Pariah can be resurrected by the Black Lantern rings. He witnessed the turning of the planet Xanshi, however hasn’t been lively because the finish of Blackest Night time. 

What can we anticipate from TV Pariah?

Nicely, the very first thing you have to know concerning the Arrowverse model of Pariah is that he’ll be performed by none apart from Tom Cavanagh.

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“Within the authentic comics, Pariah may be very a lot chargeable for releasing the Anti-Monitor onto our multiverse after which extra unhealthy issues occur,” showrunner Eric Wallace informed the viewers at The Flash panel at SDCC. “For Tom to play such a pivotal character will not be solely thrilling, however his interpretation that’s bringing to it’s simply going to tear your guts out and make you cry.” TV Pariah performs the identical operate as his comics counterpart, however as a result of there is a massive shift within the cosmogony of the TV DC multiverse

One of many keys to The Flash season 6 is that will probably be damaged up into three mini-seasons, which the showrunner had described as two “graphic novels” on both aspect of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

“The secrets and techniques of why Tom turns into Pariah are literally a part of ‘graphic novel #1’ and all lead as much as a really massive twist on the finish of the Bloodwork case that launches Crisis,” Wallace stated.

So on the finish of mini-season 6.1 of The Flash, Wells releases the Anti-Monitor from his cage, setting the Crisis upon the universe. As punishment, Nash Wells is pressured to bear witness to the destruction of the multiverse and turns into Pariah. Cavanagh has been a fan favourite since The Flash first aired, although, so it is doubtless Wells will discover a option to serve the higher good earlier than the crossover is completed.

We’ll let you realize as we get extra information about Tom Cavanagh, Pariah, and Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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