CutiePi is a tablet with Raspberry Pi that includes a carrying handle

This is the thinnest Raspberry Pi tablet in the world. A briefcase with a touch screen that does not need a mouse, keyboard or screen to function and that has been created through an open source project.

The tablet CutiePi is already here, the project delayed by the pandemic has managed to see the light and its creators have just presented this tablet made with a Raspberry Pi thought to transport it comfortably anywhere. This open source project achieved its funding goal in just four hours and will be able to ship its first units starting in November.

Raspberry Pi has been inspiring all kinds of inventions and technological projects for years. This tablet is a good proof of this, the intention of the creators was to get a tablet with Raspberry Pi that was really laptop and that it did not require a large number of peripherals that will force it to be left on a table forever.

The CutiePi claims to be the Pi tablet thinnest in the world at 12 millimeters thick. It is a mix between briefcase and computer, a tablet with a 8 inch touch screen which includes the keyboard in the software and with a handle so you can take it everywhere Or place it vertically using the handle as a support on the table.

The screen has a 1,280 x 800 pixel resolution, but it is much more than a screen with a handle. This tablet integrates a series of connectors to be able to unite it wherever you have gone with other elements such as a larger screen or a more comfortable keyboard. On one of its sides it has a port micro HDMI, USB-C for charging, a USB-A and a GPIOIt also has a microSD card slot.

Inside is a 5,000 mAh battery. In addition the creators have installed the operating system Linux Raspbian with a user interface that they have named CutiePi Shell. This interface has functions such as a browser, a keyboard or battery indicators and other elements.

At the moment, the price of this tablet is around 189 dollars, would be about 167.45 euros, on the Kickstarter website. The financing campaign that they have undertaken to be able to manufacture this device still has four objectives pending, after which they will be able to start distributing the units sold in November.

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