Deleting old Facebook posts will be easier

Are you ever ashamed of what you shared on social media years ago? To avoid it happening again, Facebook launches a new function to make deleting old posts easier.

Time does not pass in vain and we all change over the years. Our personal evolution is both physical and mental, and on many occasions, looking back, we hardly identify with the person we were.

For this reason, it is common for us to feel some shame when seeing our oldest memories on social networks. Our appearance and our way of thinking have changed over the years, so that the photos and comments from long ago to today no longer represent us.

To make erasing your fingerprint an easier task, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has released a tool to make deleting old Facebook posts even easier.

If someone “hacks” your Facebook account, probably the first thing they will do is change your password and prevent you from entering. But what if he doesn’t and is dedicated to spying on your Facebook account? Here we show you how to know if someone has entered your Facebook account.

The new feature is called Manage Activity And, as its name indicates, it allows users to manage their activities on the social network. “Whether it is because you enter the job market after university or you leave a previous relationship, we know that things change in people’s lives and we want to make it easier for you to manage your presence on Facebook so that it reflects more accurately who you are nowadays”, explains the corporation.

According to the company, the tool will offer filtering options to make it easier for you to find the published content. You have the possibility to filter by time range, by tagged people, by location, etc.

Once you have located those posts you are not particularly proud of, the Manage Activity feature allows you archive or delete them permanently. Using the archive option you can keep the publications without them being visible to your contacts, while with the option to delete them permanently.

Meetings with political parties, statements by Zuckerberg about the privacy of its users … Facebook has started its image cleaning campaign, but it has so many spots that it remains to be seen if this treatment will be enough to restore to its name the shine it lost for a while

In case you delete a Facebook post with this tool, the content goes to the trash, where You can recover it if you regret it in the next 30 days. After a month, the publication will disappear permanently.

[Vía: The Verge]

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