“Doctor Who” Will Be Leaving Netflix UK In January 2021

Unfortunately, fans will have to read about sad news one after the other. This year is yet to end completely and here we are, knowing about one of the most popular and exciting series leaving Netflix.

Yes, all the fans and viewers will be sad to know that the “Doctor Who” series will be departing soon from Netflix UK in January 2021. Here is everything we know so far about “Doctor Who” leaving the streaming giant.

“Doctor Who” is a British science-fiction television series that happens to be produced by BBC since 1963. You need to know that the series has such a humongous fanbase that keeps on growing with each season. But all the fans will be unhappy to know that the marvelous series will leave Netflix. The series did premiere its first season back on 26th March 2005.

It will be possible for you to know that each and every exciting season will be making its successful way. Now, the die-hard fans and series lovers will have to say a final goodbye to the “Doctor Who” series. Over the years, the series happens to become a must-watch for every Netflix subscriber.

Not only the directors and showrunners show their grief over the social media handles but also all the cast members are feeling sad to leave their amazing and caring fans. It will not be possible for the talented crew to return with an amazing season on Netflix.

When Will “Doctor Who” Depart From Netflix UK?

Well, all the 10 seasons that are thrilling as well as amazing will leave Netflix UK on 1st January 2021, Friday. The “Doctor Who” series gets the confirmation to depart from the streaming giant on the first day of the next year. It is sure that the series did entertain viewers for so many years now.

Over the past years, the series has been bringing lots of excitement, thrill, and interesting moments to the viewers. We want to ask you all if you will be missing “Doctor Who” on Netflix. Let us know what you are feeling right now reading about the popular Netflix series departing away.


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