Does running with a mask affect it negatively?

Since the possibility of starting to go outside opened up many started or ran again after a long quarantine at home. Wanting to train, lose weight, vent or just feel the muscles move, the runners They have taken the cities and the truth is that there are many who run with masks, but also a good number of them who avoid it.

It is clear that running with a mask is not the same as doing it with nothing: you breathe worse, the mask gets soaked, wearing it with running glasses is extremely uncomfortable, the feeling of overwhelm increases … But beyond that the question may arise if it affects performance in any way.

The first thing to keep in mind is the most obvious: costs more to fill the lungs than without it. Fatigue comes earlier because of the greater effort required to fill the lungs. It depends on the model it is, it may stick to the lips, but in any case it is more difficult to get air under the mask, something that many will have verified just by climbing the stairs at home.

According to the experts who have consulted in Runner’s World, depending on the mask used, it can be simulated that one is running at height, but with the cloth ones, the most used, “a runner does not change the oxygen saturation of the air he breathes, but simply breathes less air

But this increased fatigue too It has its benefits, such as boosting the effort of the lungs and the respiratory system in general.: It increases the heart rate, improves the strength of the diaphragm and the body is greatly strengthened for when it is possible to run without a mask.

If you are going to run with a mask, you should assume that the pace will be less than you would without it, but when you start running without a mask you will notice a great improvement. Running with a mask is like doing it with ankle weights, you try harder, you get stronger and the training is more effective, but also harder.

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