End of the 2019-2020 Income campaign: what if I have not already done so?

Tomorrow is the last day to file the Income Tax return, but surely with everything that has happened in recent months there are people who have forgotten. What if the deadline has caught you out of time?

After the period available to file the 2019-2020 Income statement, Tomorrow, June 30, the delivery period ends. It’s been a difficult few months where Efforts have been made to expedite processing and returns to help taxpayers, but finally this period that started late due to the coronavirus ends.

Today is the last day to request an appointment through any of the available channels -telephone, web or app of the AEAT- and tomorrow June 30 will be the last to present the statement, in any way. However, there is the possibility of doing it later, but with a penalty.

Presenting the declaration after the deadline takes surcharge of between 100 and 200 euros. The difference of the sanction goes depending on the delay of the delivery date and the result you have the return for the taxpayer.

As stated in El Confidencial, the sanction may also vary if it is presented voluntarily or upon request of the State Tax Administration Agency. This is one of the key factors when evaluating the amount, but there are others.

In the event that the result is in favor of the taxpayer, to be returned, a surcharge of between 5% and 15%, provided it has been filed before June 30, 2021. If it is later, it will increase to 20% and other penalties may be added. Yes goes out to pay, the amount may carry a surcharge of up to 150%.

From what you have been able to read, if you have not filed your return yet, try to do it as soon as possible. As advertised, it is key to do it before the AEAT is the one that writes you and any detail can directly affect your pocket.

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