Experts choose the ugliest color in the world and explain what it’s used for

A few years ago, the Australian advertising company GfK Bluemoon received the strangest commission they had ever heard. A job that went against his company philosophy. The mission of any advertising company is to multiply the sales of its clients, but this project required create a design to reduce sales. So he set a goal: find the ugliest color in the world, and use it for invite the buyer not to purchase the product. It sounds crazy, but it’s a true story.

Via Christiane Drummond of TICbeat we discover the curious story of GfK Bluemoon, who was commissioned by the Australian authorities to design a pack of tobacco that is repulsive to smokers. In other words, to invite them not to buy it. The tobacco packages are all the same shape, so the key was in the color. They had to find the ugliest color in the world.

For three months, colorimetry experts selected the ugliest colors they found. They designed several tobacco packs with them and showed them to 1,000 smokers, so they could select the color that most repulsed them. The chosen one was a kind of Greenish brown or dark brown, whose technical name is Pantone 448 C:

The smokers surveyed described it with such eloquent adjectives as “dirty“,”monotonous” and “Dark“Associating it with”death” and “the tar

Since then, many tobacco packs sold in Australia, France, the United Kingdom, Israel, Turkey, Norway and other countries have used the Pantone 448 C in their decoration.

This curious color has even your own Twitter account, which accumulates more than 200 followers, although it has not been updated for years.

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Pantone itself has come out in defense of the greenish brown, ensuring that It is a very popular color in the upholstery of armchairs, and even in shoes.

So you know, maybe you have a sofa or a pair of shoes in the ugliest color in the world at home. On tastes, each one has their own …

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