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Facebook now lets you transfer your images to Google Photos

Craig Smith



Facebook has been launching new features in a consistently good number these days. Apart from the newer features and functionalities on its other apps like Facebook and Instagram, there have been a few exciting features offered on the native Facebook app as well. 

The world’s most popular social media network has launched a new tool that lets you transfer your photos to Google Photos directly. The new data tool is being launched beginning with Ireland and will be made available across all the regions in a phased manner. The tool will be made available across the entire world by the first half of 2020. 

The new tool and functionality are designed to provide its users with access to their images and videos on Facebook and transfer them to any other online service. The first service to form part of this data tool is Google Photos. 

It should be noticed that the functionality has been offered as part of the Data Transfer Project. It would be interesting to notice that this is an agreement between Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter. The service will let you transfer any of the supported data between these services. It is worthwhile to notice that the group of companies includes Apple as well. 

You can use the tool to have more control over their data. It can be helpful enough in bulk export of your data. The move is a part of Facebook’s attempt at taking care of privacy and data safety. 


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