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      Find 60 lead blocks with strange inscriptions at the bottom of a river, and nobody knows what they are

Kim Diaz



The magnetic fishing or fishing with magnets It is very popular in countries like France or the United Kingdom. It consists of throwing a huge neodymium magnet at the bottom of the river, to catch metal things that people have thrown away. Then they are sold as scrap metal, and the rivers are also cleaned. Precisely in the UK, a magnetic fish has found almost 60 lead blocks full of strange inscriptions, and no one is sure what they are.

Will Read, 38, had flocked to the River Sowe in Conventry, UK, with his two children and his rod of magnets, to try to catch something interesting. At first fell a few keys and a few pence, which is usually the most common. But suddenly, they started pulling out from the bottom of the river some strange lead cubes, full of mysterious inscriptions.

Altogether they extracted almost 60 blocks of a size a little larger than a coin, and weighing 125 grams each. Unable to figure out what they were, Will Read posted some photos of his find on Reddit, to see if anyone would help him solve the mystery.

The cubes are written in Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages ​​in India, which is currently only used as a liturgical language in Hinduism and Buddhism.

All cubes have a grid on each side, with nine numbers written on it. All cubes share the same number grids minus one side, which is different for each cube.

And here comes the interesting: adding three numbers in any direction, they add up to 36. Are magic squares:

It is what in India is called Navagraha Yantras, nine different squares, each with nine numbers, representing nine planets. Under the numbers there are inscriptions called mantras Beej.

Most Reddit users agree that the cubes could be Jyotish Symbols, a numerical formula that invokes the protection of Rahu, a planet that controls thieves, magicians and snakes, but also prisons and isolated places.

In order for the protection request to be accepted, these magic cubes need to be abandoned in running water. That would explain why they have appeared at the bottom of a river.

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Most of the magnet fishermen’s findings are usually quite monotonous and boring: from old bikes to car engines, chairs and tables. But every once in a while, they come across surprises like this …

[[Source: Interesting Engineering]

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